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Class I railroads make up the majority of Arkansas's rail network accounting for roughly 71% of the state's total mileage. However, if you are interested in Arkansas railroad jobs the state is home to several shortlines (Class IIIs) and one regional (Class II). Also, Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) operates through central Arkansas as part of its corridor connecting Chicago with Texas. The information presented here looks to provide you with either company contact information or their career web pages.   Lastly, to search for Arkansas railroad jobs directly please use the below search box from

If you have ever read or perused through other pages of the job section here at the website I have often spent at least a little time addressing just what it is like to work within the railroad industry, particularly if your interest is in the more traditional fields like transportation or maintenance. If you are rather unfamiliar with the industry please let me stress that being a railroader is very tough work and is not only dangerous but also requires one to remain on the job for very long hours and constantly away from home (fatigue is an especially serious issue). So, just keep this in mind when considering a career as a railroader. Also, of note, if you are in college or are planning to attend several Class I railroads either offer scholarships or summer internship/graduate programs.

Once more, please be aware that contacting me concerning possible job openings is of little use as there is simply not much help I can provide. In the event you are interested in a particular position or would like to know if a railroad is hiring you will need to contact them directly.

Short Lines And Regionals

Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad: The M&NA is now a G&W property operating between northern Arkansas through western Missouri.

Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad: The AL&M is now a Genessee & Wyoming property operating in southern Arkansas and norther Louisiana.

Arkansas Midland Railroad: The Arkansas Midland is owned by the Pinsly Railroad Company.

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad: The A&M is an independent shortline, which also operates excursion trains.

Arkansas Southern Railroad: The Arkansas Southern is a Watco property.

Bauxite and Northern Railway: Originally an independent railroad now the B&N is part of the G&W family of short lines.

Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad: 4416 South Arkansas Avenue, Russellville, Arkansas 72802-8405.

Delta Southern Railroad: The Delta Southern is an independent shortline operation.

Delta Valley & Southern Railway: P. O. Box 308, Wilson, Arkansas 72395.

De Queen & Eastern Railroad: The De Queen & Eastern is now owned by Patriot Rail Corporation.

East Camden & Highland Railroad: Also known as as the "Each Railroad."

El Dorado & Wesson Railway: P. O. Box 46, El Dorado, Arkansas 71731.

Fordyce & Princeton Railroad: Another Genesee & Wyoming property.

Fort Smith Railroad: The Fort Smith Railroad is owned by Pioneer Rail Corporation's small family of short lines.

Kiamichi Railroad: The Kiamichi Railroad, a G&W property, operates across Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Little Rock Port Authority Railroad: The Little Rock Port Authority is a very small terminal railroad and I am neither sure how they hire potential applicants nor aware of just how many employees they actually have.

Little Rock & Western Railway: The Little Rock & Western is a Genesee & Wyoming property operating in the central regions of the state connecting its name sake city.

Louisiana & North West Railroad: The L&NW is a 68-mile shortline owned by Patriot Rail Corporation.

Ouachita Railroad: 730 South Washington, El Dorado, Arkansas 71730.

Prescott & Northwestern Railroad: The P&NW is one of the Pinsly Railroad Company's small group of shortlines. They are a very small operation so I am not sure how many, if any, positions they may have available.

Warren & Saline River Railroad: Yet another of Pinsly's shortlines, the W&SR is also quite small.

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