"Seven Great Vacation Regions"

During the 1950s the industry was hoping to use the phenomenal traffic surge experienced throughout the World War II years as a springboard for further growth.  Many spent millions on new equipment from Pullman-Standard, the Budd Company, and American Car & Foundry to reequip their top passenger trains with lightweight, streamlined cars.  The Union Pacific was one road to do this every thing and touted its routes through colorful and vibrant advertisements.  One of these pieces was entitled "Seven Great Vacation Regions" to let travelers know just what they could see and enjoy while taking one of UP's flagship City trains that served most of the West with connections reaching Chicago and other points in the Midwest.

The Union Pacific is widely remembered as providing one of the most luxurious fleets of trains to serve the western United States.  This was particularly true with its City fleet serving Las Vegas, Salina, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco.  The railroad is credited with launching the first ever streamliner in February of 1934, the M-10000 (City Of Salina) and began upgrading its other City trains later that decade.  The Los Angeles, for instance, was often the top choice of Hollywood's elite with a consist that included a club-dormitory, sleepers, coaches, an observation-lounge, and perhaps the train's marquee piece an articulated diner-coffee shop.  It also featured Pullman's first round-end observation car and later featured Domeliners.

In 1954 Union Pacific released an advertisement entitled "7 Great Vacation Destinations" that gave travelers a chance to see some of the beautiful sights of the West while aboard one of the railroad's trains.  The piece reads as follows:

"7 Great Vacation Destinations, All Available On...1 Great Railroad"

Restful travel through the West, in Streamliners and other fine trains.  Quite rooms with all conveniences, berths, or deep cushioned coach seats with leg-rests and reclining backs that invite easy sleep.  And, a choice of wonderful dining car meals, freshly prepared and graciously served.

Circle Tour:  All of California - Los Angeles To San Francisco and beyond - presents a wealth of scenic variety.  Rent a car for sight-seeing.

3 In 1:  See all 3 - Fantastic Bryce, beautiful Zion, breathtaking Grand Canyon - each colorful, each different, but all grouped for one unforgettable tour. 

2 In 1:  A few miles from Yellowstone National Park is Grand Teton National Park - the greatest mountain scenery in America.  Both on Union Pacific.

Nearest:  High Colorado vacationland is centrally located.  Majestic, mountain scenery, trout streams, cool refreshing climate.

Real West:  Dude Ranches that make you feel alive!  Saddle trips, barbeques, gracious hospitality amid romantic western scenery.

Beauty:  Pacific Northwest, the evergreen empire where mountain and forest meet the surging sea.  Variety of activities.  Beyond - lies Alaska.

Sports:  Sun Valley, Idaho, for all that's fun under the sun - golf, ice skating, swimming, fishing, riding, shooting - everything, with fine accommodations.

Let us help you make this year's vacation one big memory of your lifetime.  Your travel, your lodging, tours, or car rentals, can all be arranged for you.  View the ever-changing western scenery at eye-level.  Enjoy congenial company in Club or Lounge car, Relax all the way.  Select the vacation region which interests you most.  Then mail coupon or wire for the colorful booklet about that region.  For fine trains, fine service, and fine foods - go Union Pacific.  Free booklet!  Room 689, Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha 2, Nebraska.  I am interested in region named below.  Please send free booklet.  Also send information about All-Expense Vacation Tours.  If student state age, and special material will be enclosed.

While the Union Pacific experienced strong ridership on its trains for many years even it could not stem the tide of losses experienced throughout the 1950s and 1960s with the onset of better automobiles, Interstates, and the jetliner.  The UP was one of only a few railroads to maintain its passenger trains to a very high standard right until the end when Amtrak began operating most intercity services after the spring of 1971 (other notables included the Santa Fe, Baltimore & Ohio, and Southern).  The company even went a step further by making sure the consists were all-matching in its classic Armour yellow and gray livery.  Today, a version of the UP's famous City fleet can still be witnessed in the company business train.

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