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Trackside, Issue #005 -- Heading Into Fall
September 01, 2008

First, let me welcome you to Trackside, The Newsletter; a new part of the website. I had thought long and hard about creating a newsletter to go along with the website since American Rails first began but I could never decide what exactly to include in it. After much consideration, though, I finally decided that perhaps the best approach was to fill the newsletter with, well, news! More specifically, however, current news and events which will be broken down into categories such as Class Is, shortlines, Regionals, preservation, etc. keeping you up-to-date on the latest on-goings around the country. And, since I usually add these news pieces to the sister site, the American Rails Forums (ARF), much of the information in Trackside will be linked to topics at ARF.

Please note!: Now completed are maps detailing nearly all of the fallen flag system covered at the site. Eventually I plan to also feature all of the Class Is and Regionals (and maybe even the shortlines if I can locate maps of each for reference). In any event, I hope that the maps are another good source of reference for you in whatever you may be researching regarding a particular railroad (that’s what they are there for!).

Also, as you may have noticed, one other new featured added to the newsletter is a monthly photo, which is just meant for fun and to add a bit of interest. Of note, the photos used each month are the property of individual photographers and as such should not be redistributed or used without their permission.

This month's photo comes courtesy of Wade Massie and while it appears to be from the Western Maryland era with two Alco RS-3s pounding up famed Helmstetter's Curve near Corriganville, Maryland this scene is actually a Western Maryland Scenic Railroad train taken in late October 1991.

Class Is

Norfolk Southern News:

Virginia green lights NS to build Heartland Corridor terminal in Elliston

County to file lawsuit against Virginia to challenge use of public funds for NS intermodal terminal

NS Timetables and Track Charts

Union Pacific News:

Cane Creek Branch will host nuclear moves

UP plans Mococo Line reopening

Regionals and Shortlines

General Regional and shortline News

LA&L, WNY&P Fill Top Posts

Railroad wants to reinstall major bridge

Wisconsin & Southern releases "Grow Wisconsin"

Oregon governor calls on STB to accept port's CBL Offer


FEC to double SD70M-2 fleet

Ohio Central sold

If you have any interest in the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad please click here to keep up with the latest on the railroad.

Museums and Tourist Railroads

Railroad Museum and Tourist Line Guide

General Tourist Railroads and Museums News Wire

Trains presents 2008 Award to Mid-Continent RR Museum

Indiana History Train seeks volunteers

Railroad Institutional Markets

Minnesota museum to preserve 1960s passenger locomotive

Railroad Safety

BNSF New Citizens For Rail Security Website

Railroad Safety News

Preservation News

Station and Depot News

City wants railroad hall of fame in downtown Galesburg

Brooks group buys railroad station, locomotive

Commuter Rail/LRT News

General Amtrak News

General Commuter Rail News

Senate bill aims to entice passenger car builders

UP open to Texas passenger service

Amtrak President: 200 mph Northeast Corridor shouldn't be a priority

Major East Coast high speed route planned

California governor will sign high speed rail bill

State News

General State and Regional News Wire

North Carolina News Wire

New Jersey News Wire

Years of hard work lead to grand opening

Backers explore connecting Allentown, Pa., to NJ Transit

PA commission updates 12-year transportation spending plan

Robbins set to start depot work

Proposed line reactivation sparks dispute

Governor's veto keeps Long Island intermodal option open

Museum suffers damage in lighting strike

Susquehanna files to abandon Sherburne line

Key New York county backs rail yard for Patriot Corridor

Early RR tunnel discovered in Schenectady

As Trackside moves forward I will look to include more topics and information within it. In any event, if you have any opinions, ideas, and/or general comments/suggestions for the newsletter please feel free to pass them my way. As with I am always looking for ways to improve the newsletter to better benefit you, the reader.

For the railfans, with fall just around the corner, best of luck in getting those dramatic foliage shots! Best regards,

Adam Burns

P.S. By the way, have you ever been interested in a place to talk and discuss with others the hobby of railfanning? Likewise are you looking for a quick answer to a railroad or railroad-related question? The American Rails Forums were created basically for those very two reasons, to have fun and learn about our country’s railroads, from its history to today’s operations. Even if you do not have a serious interest in railroading the forums can be a great resource guide to find answers to any questions about trains and railroads that you may have. If you are perhaps interested in joining us please click here to visit the forums.

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