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Trackside, Issue #006 -- Autumn And Fall Foliage
October 01, 2008

Well, October is now here which means fall is now fully upon us, and for some living in the northern reaches of the country or in the mountains winter-like weather is probably just weeks away. With the leaves changing, for those of you who are photographers autumn is perhaps the best time of year to capture brilliant photos of contrasting and vibrant colors, probably with something railroad-related in the picture! And, with the leaves dropping it also means that abandoned right of way season is heating up so if you enjoy exploring old, long forgotten rail lines have fun and stay safe.

Welcome to Trackside, The Newsletter; a new part of the website. I had thought long and hard about creating a newsletter to go along with the website since American Rails first began but I could never decide what exactly to include in it. After much consideration, though, I finally decided that perhaps the best approach was to fill the newsletter with, well, news! More specifically, however, current news and events which will be broken down into categories such as Class Is, shortlines, Regionals, preservation, etc. keeping you up-to-date on the latest on-goings around the country. And, since I usually add these news pieces to the sister site, the American Rails Forums (ARF), much of the information in Trackside will be linked to topics at ARF.

Please note!: Now completed are maps detailing nearly all of the fallen flag system covered at the site. Eventually I plan to also feature all of the Class Is and Regionals (and maybe even the shortlines if I can locate maps of each for reference). In any event, I hope that the maps are another good source of reference for you in whatever you may be researching regarding a particular railroad (thatís what they are there for!).

Also, as you may have noticed, one other new feature added to the newsletter is a monthly photo, which is just meant for fun and to add a bit of interest. Of note, the photos used each month are the property of individual photographers and as such should not be redistributed or used without their permission.

This month's photo comes courtesy of Danny Robie and depicts Norfolk Southern train 134 "running around its westbound counterpart, NS 135 at Claremont, North Carolina" on the railroad's "S" line in May of this year.

Class Is

Norfolk Southern News:

NS: NTSB finding on 2006 accident is 'erroneous'

STB to assess environmental impacts of NS/Pan Am Railways' Patriot Corridor

NS Timetables and Track Charts

NS orders 24 GE AC locomotives

Union Pacific News:

UP orders two more genset locomotives

Kansas City Southern News:

KCS: "Fastest growing North American railroad"

KCS posts progress on new intermodal terminal

KCS projects transload program growth in the U.S., Mexico

Major changes at KCSR

CSX News:

CSX launches "New Responsibility" website

Canadian National News:

House bill prompted by CN/EJ&E merger plan fails

Regionals and Shortlines

General Regional and shortline News

W&LE and RJ Corman Acquiring Locomotives

New nine-mile Iron Range line approved

California county withdraws from rail line purchase

STB orders CO&P to let port officials examine Coos Bay line


Ohio Central Steam Roster Disposition

If you have any interest in the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad please click here to keep up with the latest on the railroad.

Museums and Tourist Railroads

Railroad Museum and Tourist Line Guide

General Tourist Railroads and Museums News Wire

Tourist line interested in UP branch

Mount Hood Railroad Reopened

Ridership loss, rising fuel prices drove GCR to cancel steam program

Steamtown historic site facing tough times

Group begins restoration of ex-Southern 2-8-0

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Ridership

Minnesota Zephyr to shut down for good

Chasing the Tioga Central

Steam engine finds new life as a Pa. tourist train

Railroad Safety

BNSF New Citizens For Rail Security Website

Railroad Safety News

Preservation News

Station and Depot News

Rio Grande Creede Branch to be abandoned in namesake city

New artifacts unearthed at site of L.A.'s first train station

Progress continues on SP 786

Commuter Rail/LRT News

General Amtrak News

General Commuter Rail News

Trespasser to Amtrak: you should have protected me

Transit funds no longer eyed for highway funding gap

Rail tour operator declares bankruptcy

Biden: Obama administration would be pro-rail

U.S. DOT identifies freight railroads' role in Amtrak delays

State News

General State and Regional News Wire

North Carolina News Wire

Consortium awarded NJ Transit Portal Bridge design contract

Northern Ethanol to build CSXT-served plant in New York

Utica station gets federal funds

Brothers test makeshift railcar on tracks, are arrested

Finger Lakes Railway

New York governor sets goals for Moynihan Station

New York objects to Susquehanna's planned abandonment

Part of the B&P may become a trail

Alternate plan for trans-Hudson tunnel gets new life

New York governor pushing for station plan

Google Transit in New York is announced

Ghost Hunters: Buffalo Central Terminal

Middletown & New Jersey put up for sale

NY orders probe of LIRR disability "epidemic

Eastman House exhibit in Rochester

Former Albany-Vorheesville line to become a trail

New Hope Valley Railway

Dayton task force eyes streetcar despite cost concerns

FRA OKs 11 rail grants; Ohio rail commission approves six

SEPTA to get $500,000 for Paoli center

York Railway-served detergent plant coming to Pennsylvania

B&O's RS&G Branch

As Trackside moves forward I will look to include more topics and information within it. In any event, if you have any opinions, ideas, and/or general comments/suggestions for the newsletter please feel free to pass them my way. As with I am always looking for ways to improve the newsletter to better benefit you, the reader.

For the railfans and photographers out there, best of luck in getting those spectacular fall foliage shots! Best regards,

Adam Burns

P.S. By the way, have you ever been interested in a place to talk and discuss with others the hobby of railfanning? Likewise are you looking for a quick answer to a railroad or railroad-related question? The American Rails Forums were created basically for those very two reasons, to have fun and learn about our countryís railroads, from its history to todayís operations. Even if you do not have a serious interest in railroading the forums can be a great resource guide to find answers to any questions about trains and railroads that you may have. If you are perhaps interested in joining us please click here to visit the forums.

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