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Trackside, Issue #009 -- Springtime, Nice Weather Returns
May 01, 2009

Welcome to Trackside, The Newsletter; a monthly piece covering the railroad industry. I had thought long and hard about creating a newsletter to go along with the website since American Rails first began but I could never decide what exactly to include in it. After much consideration, though, I finally decided that perhaps the best approach was to fill the newsletter with, well, news! More specifically, however, current news and events which will be broken down into categories such as Class Is, shortlines, Regionals, preservation, etc. keeping you up-to-date on the latest on-goings around the country.

As some may have noticed Trackside has not been published for a few months now. This is because I thought the original format was becoming rather dull and needed to be revamped. The information presented will still be practically the same but with a little different layout and presentation. I do apologize that this month there will not be much news information but that will change in the June edition.

The monthly photo will still be shown each month, one of my personal favorite parts of the newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed it as well. Of note, the photos used each month are the property of individual photographers and as such should not be redistributed or used without their permission. In any event, I hope you like the new layout!

This month's photo comes courtesy of Doug Kroll and depicts a Chicago & North Western freight #497 at Necedah, Wisconsin on on September 18, 1982 led by SD40 #885.

General Rail News

Canadian Pacific, Kansas City Southern to explore partnership

Passenger Rail News

Money: The Return of the Railroad

Obama lays out vision for fast trains

Railroad History

April 29, 1873: Railroads Lock and Load

Supreme Court ends railroad discrimination, April 28, 1941


There are two railroad stations that are in danger of being destroyed. One, located in Detroit is of Michigan Central heritage and a mulit-story structure. A recent effort to keep the Detroit city council from razing the building has begun and you can sign a petition in their efforts if interested. To view their website please click here.

Another is the Kendrick, Idaho depot a Northern Pacific structure. The local city council is also attempting to raze the building. A preservation group has also been formed to save this building and to help their efforts you can write to the council by visiting the group's website here.

Resident hoping to gain interest in historical railroads

Buried history: Railroad tracks unearthed in front of government center

Monthly Cartoon


As Trackside moves forward I will look to include more topics and information within it. In any event, if you have any opinions, ideas, and/or general comments/suggestions for the newsletter please feel free to pass them my way. As with I am always looking for ways to improve the newsletter to better benefit you, the reader.

Best regards,

Adam Burns

P.S. As always, we are always looking for new members at the forums so if you have any interest in joining in we would be very happy to have you!

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