Maine Railroad Jobs

Last revised: May 30, 2023

If you are interested in Maine railroad jobs unfortunately the Pine Tree State is home to only a few companies and no Class Is (which traditionally offer the highest paying jobs), although Amtrak does operate in there. The state is home to the following short lines:

  • Eastern Maine Railway
  • Maine Eastern Railroad
  • New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation
  • St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
  • Turners Island, LLC

Overall, the state is home to just a little more than 1,000 miles of railroad (200+ of which was threatened to be abandoned in recent years but Maine stepped in and purchased the line to keep it operational), although there has been talk of restoring some abandoned routes.

Historically, Maine has always originated two types of traffic; agriculture (potatoes) and timber.   Today, this still remains the case although potatoes no longer move by rail. 

The information provided here is to aid job searches in highlighting those railroads which currently operate within the state.  

If you do not like snow and bitterly cold winters, working outdoors along Maine's railroads is probably not the job for you.

By itself railroading is a tough job but tie this in with the state's legendary winters and the work is that much more difficult.

So, please be prepared for both if you are interested in becoming a railroader in Maine. Since the state is not home to any Class I railroads you most likely would not be working the grueling, 12-hour days.

However, it doesn't mean the job can't be any less stressful or physically demanding on smaller railroads (many of which don't have the expensive track and maintenance machines, meaning more physical labor is involved).   

Please do not contact me regarding potential job openings or questions regarding such as there is not a lot of help I can provide in answering those inquiries.

You will need to contact the individual railroad regarding such opportunities.

Along with the Class I systems many of the large short line companies (Genesee & Wyoming, Watco, Patriot Rail, etc.) request that you visit their website to find out more about possible job opportunities.



Short Lines And Regionals

Eastern Maine Railway: The Eastern Maine Railway is owned by the New Brunswick Southern Railway serving a nearly 200-mile railroad between Saint John, New Brunswick and Brownville Junction, Maine. The company's website provides contact information (not to be confused with the Maine Eastern Railroad). 

New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation: This privately-owned short line has been in operation since 1986, operating the Boston & Maine's former Conway Branch between Ossipee and Rollinsford, New Hampshire. For contact information please visit the company's website. 

St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad: This short line is another Genesee & Wyoming property, operating a large corridor 157 miles in length between Portland and Norton, Vermont at the Canadian border.

The railroad handles a wide range of freight including ranging from aggregates and brick to cement, metals, and chemicals. You can locate contact and career information at the StL&A web page or by visiting G&W's main website. 

Turners Island, LLC: This small terminal railroad serves the 14 acre marine-rail cargo terminal located in South Portland, Maine. The terminal maintains a website where contact information can be found. 

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It is difficult to truly articulate just how much material can be found at this website. 

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