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As much as I have studied railroading in one shape or form for most of my life, the information presented here would not be possible without a big help from many friends and resources. First and foremost I must thank the late John G. King for not only his friendship but also his unwavering willingness to provide me with whatever material I was in need of. He studied the industry and its history since steam was still at its zenith, and in that time amassed a stunning collection of archival material. For being allowed access to it, I am forever indebted to him; thanks again, John. I must also give a big thanks to my many railfan friends whom I have come to know over the years, and who also have provided me much material to use for the website, especially pictures; my many thanks to you all as well.

Finally, I must thank many resources and authors whose material I have called on for reference and help, especially in relation to historical information. I also highly recommend purchasing any of these books/resources, they are filled with interesting, useful, and just plain great and detailed information about the railroading subject they cover. They are (updated as of 2/15/14):

Books and Periodicals

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Organizations And Museums

Arcadia Publishing

Association of American Railroads

Freight Rail Works (A division of the AAR)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University

NCDOT Rail Division

Railroad Station Historical Society, Inc.

Reading Company Technical & Historical Society

White River Valley Museum

Wilmington Railroad Museum


Diesel Shop, The

Steamlocomotive dot Com

Not all references are listed here on this page, some are listed within the individual articles of interest across the website. In any event, my many and sincere thanks again to all of the above for all of the help, I certainly could not have put together such a website without it.   If anyone needs to get in touch with me for whatever reason regarding information presented at please do not hesitate to do so (for instance I am aware that there is the likelihood for a minor error here or there so please feel very free to send me an e-mail if you see a correction which needs to be made).

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