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Southern Pacific F7A #6455 and a rare Krauss-Maffei ML-4000 diesel hydraulic head a freight at Newhall Yard in May of 1966. Drew Jacksich photo.

Genealogy Researchers Please Read!

If you are researching a relative's career history in the railroad industry you may want to contact the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board as there is little assistance I can provide regarding such questions.

The Board keeps records on workers dating back to the early 20th century and they are likely source for such information. 

However, if you are requesting documents prior to the early 1900s the Board likely does not have them on file. Please be aware that the organization requires a fee for any research done on your behalf.

Job Searchers Please Note!

If you are inquiring about a possible jobs within the industry please be aware you cannot do so through this website. I receive many e-mails regarding employment and there is simply little help I can provide.

Business-To-Business Inquiries!

If you are a business attempting to contact a railroad regarding freight shipments car location please know that you will not reach them through this contact page (your request will come to

I receive many e-mails about questions pertaining to a business's rail shipments and there is nothing I can do to help.

Grand Trunk Western GP9R #4628 pauses at Schaefer Tower while waiting to cross the former Michigan Central in Dearborn, Michigan on September 4, 2002. Wade Massie photo.

Historic Railroad Item Values!

If you are researching the value of historic railroad items in your collection, anything from old lanterns and locks to paper tickets and menus, please visit the website

I often receive e-mails wanting to know the value of an item.  I apologize but I can provide little help on the subject and specializes in that very arena.  Hopefully, they can provide answers to your questions.


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Wes Barris's is simply the best web resource on the study of steam locomotives. 

It is difficult to truly articulate just how much material can be found at this website. 

It is quite staggering and a must visit!