Fall Foliage Train Rides, 2019

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Fall foliage train rides offer one of the best ways to see the vibrant colors of autumn.  These trips have quickly become a highly popular seasonal event.  Today, several tourist railroads host special fall trips and most are sold out. Even organizations which do not host dedicated events in see a spike in ridership during autumn if there is spectacular scenery available!  Many are located in the eastern United States where the Appalachian Mountains, carpeted in deciduous forests provide for maximum vistas  Because of this operations like the Cass Scenic Railroad, Tweetise Railroad, Catskill Mountain Railroad, Adirondack Scenic Railroad, and many others situated within these regions regularly sell out during September and October.  In any event, even if a railroad may not offer a dedicated fall foliage tour many host excursions through October and (depending upon their location) can still provide great views of the changing colors.  

A pair of Baltimore & Ohio F7A's act as helpers at the head end of a B&O NRHS special on 17-Mile Grade near Altamont, Maryland on October 4, 1969. Roger Puta photo.

If you are very interested in going by train, when planning your trip please take note of the peak season for that particular area.  For instance, locations higher in the mountains such as at Cass, West Virginia (home of the Cass Scenic Railroad) tend to peak much earlier (mid-September) than other areas nearby that sit at a lower elevation (mid-October).  Below is a list of most tourist railroads (or museums) that host either dedicated fall foliage trains in 2019 or operate in a region where colors are the most brilliant.  If your railroad is not included within this list please let us know and it will be added.  Finally, unless otherwise noted more information about each excursion can be found by visiting the museum's/railroad's website.  For more information regarding when peak season occurs for different parts of the country please click here.  Finally, please click here to learn more about Halloween-themed train rides

Fall Foliage Train Rides Guide, 2019

Alabama Fall Foliage Train Rides

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum:  Located in Calera, this museum not only provides static displays of the state's history with railroads but also offers a number of different excursions throughout the year.  One of these is the Pumpkin Patch Express hosted throughout October for the kids.  The ride lasts about 1 1/2 hours.

North Alabama Railroad Museum:  This museum is located in Huntsville and like the Heart Of Dixie offers excursions along with its static displays.  It has two different fall train rides, the Punkin' Pickin' Extravaganza and the Fall Color Special (which normally runs during two different weekends).

Alaska Fall Foliage Train Rides

Alaska Railroad:  The Alaska Railroad does not offer any type of excursion for all but they do provide a wide array of passenger trains like the Denali StarCoastal ClassicGlacier Discovery, and others that provide not only incredible views of the state but also its [limited] fall colors.  This railroad is worth riding any time of year given the spectacular views the state offers. 

Arizona Fall Foliage Train Rides

Grand Canyon Railway:  One of our country's most upscale tourist trains, the Grand Canyon Railway's location does not subject it to spectacular fall color viewing.  However, its luxurious accommodations and gorgeous scenes of the desert and canyon more than make up for it.  In any event, they do offer fall vacation packages and host a "Pumpkin Patch Train" every October.

Verde Canyon Railway:  The Verde Canyon Railroad is a tourist railroad operating over ex-Santa Fe trackage in central Arizona, near the very popular tourist destination of Sedona. And like Sedona the Verde Canyon has become a popular tourist attraction itself since it began operations in the early 1990s.  During October and November they host special fall foliage trips in relaxing, climate-controlled cars.

Arkansas Fall Foliage Train Rides

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad:  The A&M is a large, short line railroad operating between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Monett, Missouri.  They offer excursions nearly year-round, including two different "Fall Foliage Train" tours: a 70-mile, round trip from Van Buren to Winslow and a 134-mile round trip from Van Buren to Springdale.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway:  The ES&NA's schedule is unclear but the railroad, which runs through the hills of the Ozark Mountains, provides excursions through October and presumably during the fall foliage season.  Their trips last around one hour covering just over 4 miles. 

California Fall Foliage Train Rides

California Western Railroad:  Operator of the famous Skunk Train based at Fort Bragg this excursion railroad hosts the Pumpkin Express during October of each year.  This is mostly tailored towards the kids but also offers a nice fall train ride through northern California.

Colorado Fall Foliage Train Rides

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad:  Operating part of the Rio Grande's former narrow-gauge lines in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado the C&TS provides incredible views of the San Juan Mountains passing over 10,000+ foot Cumbres Pass and through the Toltec Gorge.  Its season runs through October allowing passengers to see the vibrant fall colors of this region.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad:  Similar to the C&TS, the D&SNG utilizes sections of the ex-D&RGW in southern Colorado operating original 2-8-2 "Mikado" steam locomotives.  It also operates throughout the fall season giving patrons a chance to see the fall foliage during September and October.

Georgetown Loop Railroad:  Located in the same general region as the D&SNG and C&TS this operation does not offer dedicated fall foliage excursions but its location provides for excellent viewing of autumn colors during September and October.

Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad:  Like the above three railroads the LC&S also is located in the same general region operating a section of the former Colorado & Southern's narrow-gauge lines.  During September weekends they host the Fall Photo Special.

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad:  Based in Alamosa, Colorado and using a section of the former Rio Grande's the railroad hosts the Fall Colors Explorer throughout much of September and part of October.  The train features climate-controlled cars, including dome service and provides guests pumpkin or apple pie on-board.

A pair of Maine Central GP7's have a fan trip on the fabled Mountain Division at Crawford Notch, New Hampshire during the fall of 1968. Roger Puta photo.

Connecticut Fall Foliage Train Rides

Essex Steam Train:  This excursion is based in Essex and is popular for using steam locomotives as well as its spectacular views of the Connecticut River.  During the fall months they host a 2 1/2 hour Fall Foliage trip.  However, the railroad several other ways to enjoy the New England fall, from on-board dining to riverboat rides.

Naugatuck Railroad:  This railroad, based in Thomaston hosts excursions through the Naugatuck River Valley, which are both steam and diesel powered.  During late September and into October one of their specials includes a Fall Foliage train ride. They also offer "Pumpkin Patch Trains" where the kids can ride out to the patch and pick out a pumpkin for carving.

Delaware Fall Foliage Train Rides

Wilmington & Western Railroad:  The Wilmington & Western, located in Wilmington, is a popular freight railroad which also offers steam-powered excursions on a 10-mile segment of a former Baltimore & Ohio branch.  They offer their Autumn Leaf Special during October and early November with trips lasting between 1 1/2 hours (Mt. Cuba Picnic Grove) and 2 1/2 hours (Hockessin).  They also host a Hayride Express on select dates during the fall.

Florida Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Georgia Fall Foliage Train Rides

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway:  Despite its location in the heart of the south this railroad located in the northern Georgia mountains offers Fall Foliage trips from late September through early November.  They also host a 1-hour Pumpkin Patch Express during one day in late October.

SAM Shortline Excursion:  This train ride is based in Cordele, Georgia operating a 70-mile round trip through the state's Georgia Veterans State Park.  While they do not host a dedicated fall foliage excursion their season does run through the peak of autumn season in October and into November.

Hawaii Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Idaho Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Illinois Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Indiana Fall Foliage Train Rides

French Lick Scenic Railway:  Operated by the Indiana Railway Museum this excursion hosts the Pumpkin Patch Express for the kids in October while also providing a chance to see the region's fall colors. 

Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum:  Based in North Judson, Indiana this museum also hosts a 10-mile excursion offering Fall Harvest Trains and Pumpkin Trains in late September through October.

Whitewater Valley Railroad:  Based in Connersville this tourist line operates a former New York Central branch, of which about 19 miles remain for excursions.  They host the Pumpkinliner during late October where the kids can ride out and pick a pumpkin to carve.

Iowa Fall Foliage Train Rides

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad:   The B&SV uses a former segment of the Chicago & North Western and is based out of Boone.  During October it hosts the Pumpkin Express Train for kids offering a chance to see the area's fall colors as well.

Midwest Central Railroad:   The Midwest Central Railroad, based in Mt. Pleasant is note quite as large as the Boone & Scenic Valley. However, it offers a unique collection of operating steam locomotives. They host a number of special events throughout the season including the Great Pumpkin Train and Midwest Haunted Rails to celebrate Halloween and the fall season.

Kentucky Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Louisiana Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Maine Fall Foliage Train Rides

Maine Narrow-Gauge Railroad & Museum:  Based in Portland this organization operates a two-foot narrow gauge railroad, which uses historic steam locomotives offers a number of special train rides throughout the year.  Each October they host the Pumpkin Train where the kids can enjoy a train ride and pick out a pumpkin while partaking in refreshments consisting of hot cider and cookies.

Cass Scenic Railroad 3-truck Shay #11 begins the arduous climb towards Whittaker Station with another excursion from Cass, West Virginia on the afternoon of October 12, 2008. Loyd Lowry photo.

Maryland Fall Foliage Train Rides

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad:  Without question Maryland's most popular tourist railroad is the Western Maryland Scenic operating the former Western Maryland Railway between Frostburg and Cumberland. The WMSR does not offer fall foliage tours but it hosts train rides throughout the autumn season giving passengers breathtaking views of the Allegheny Mountains during that time. 

Massachusetts Fall Foliage Train Rides

Edaville Railroad:  The popular, steam-powered Edaville Railroad, based in Carver, Massachusetts is part of an entire park system with its railroad a two-foot narrow-gauge operating around the grounds. Each October they host the Not So Spooky Halloween where the kids can dress up for Halloween and enjoy trick-or-treating.

Cape Cod Scenic Railroad:  The Cape Cod Scenic is based in Hyannis and offers a wide range of dinner trains and specials throughout the year.  While it does not host a fall foliage excursion the railroad upscale accommodations and schedule that runs through October means passengers can ride during the height of the fall season.  

Michigan Fall Foliage Train Rides

Little River Railroad:  This excursion is based in Coldwater and operates along a six mile stretch of railroad with trains being pulled by restored steam locomotives.  They host regular excursions through October including the Fall Color Run during that month, which also allows patrons the chance to purchase pumpkins.

Southern Michigan Railroad:  The Southern Michigan Railroad, based in Clinton, has been in operation since 1982 operating about 13.5 miles of a former New York Central line acquired from Conrail.  They operate from the spring until December each year, hosting several special trips during that time.  One such annual run is the Fall Color Tour every October.  Around the same time you can also enjoy local festivals nearby such as the Clinton Fall Festival and Appleumpkin Festival.  To learn more please visit their website.

Minnesota Fall Foliage Train Rides

North Shore Scenic Railroad:  Based in Duluth and part of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum this excursion hosts a wide range of special trains throughout the year along its 26-mile route using both steam and diesel locomotives.  Beginning in late September it offers the Fall Colors Tour which, "CNN named the... 'Top 5 of the Top 10 in America!'"

Mississippi Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Missouri Fall Foliage Train Rides

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad:  The A&M is a large, short line railroad operating between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Monett, Missouri.  They offer excursions nearly year-round, including two different "Fall Foliage Train" tours: a 70-mile, round trip from Van Buren to Winslow and a 134-mile round trip from Van Buren to Springdale.

Branson Scenic Railway:  Missouri's most popular tourist railroad using the tracks of short line Missouri & Northern Arkansas between Galena and Self through the state's famous Ozark Mountains.  They do not offer dedicated fall foliage trips but their regular excursions and dinner trains run through the autumn season allowing the chance to see the changing leaves during that time.

Montana Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Nebraska Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Nevada Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

New Hampshire Fall Foliage Train Rides

Conway Scenic Railway:  Since New England is one of the top locations to see the stunning colors of fall doing so by rail is a must.  As one of the top excursion trains in the country the Conway Scenic Railway based in North Conway gives visitors unparalleled views of the autumn colors through the Mt. Washington Valley. 

Hobo Railroad:  This tourist line is based in Lincoln and hosts trains along the Pemigewasset River.  During select dates in October the railroad hosts Fall Foliage Specials between Meredith and Plymouth as well as dinner trains celebrating the fall season. 

Winnipesaukee Railroad:  Owned by the same group as the Hobo Railroad this operation is based in Meredith using tracks once owned by the Boston & Maine.  The tourist line also hosts Fall Foliage Specials during September and October.

New Jersey Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

New Mexico Fall Foliage Train Rides

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Please click here to visit the Colorado section to learn more about the fall foliage trips offered by the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic.

New York Fall Foliage Train Rides

Adirondack Scenic Railroad:  As its name suggests the ASRR, one of New York's most popular tourist railroads, operates through the state's Adirondack Mountains where it operates former stretches of a New York Central branch.  During September and October of each year they host several Fall Foliage Trains to allow passengers that chance to see the region's splendid fall colors.

Arcade & Attica Railroad:  The A&A is based in Arcade and operates trackage originally built by the Buffalo, Attica & Arcade.  The railroad is popular for its use of steam locomotives.  During October they host Fall Foliage Train specials that last for roughly two hours passing through the Wyoming County countryside.

Catskill Mountain Railroad:  As with the ASRR this railroad is named after the region in which it operates, the beautiful Catskill Mountains.  It is based in Kingston and hosts its popular Fall Foliage Specials running from through much of October.  The railroad also offers Pumpkin Patch Trains a few times that month.

Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad:  The C&CV operates through the 
Susquehanna River Valley and hosts its 2 1/2-hour Fall Foliage Trains during late September through mid-October.  Excursions depart from the Milford Depot.  The railroad also offers Pumpkin Patch Trains on October 21st and 22nd only.

Medina Railroad Museum:  The Medina Railroad Museum mostly looks to preserve the area's railroad history, notably that of the New York Central which operated through the town. The museum is housed in the NYC's former freight depot and also operates a 34-mile round trip excursion train along the Erie Canal Heritage Corridor during the operating season.  During October each year they run Fall Foliage trips to see the region's beautiful fall colors.

Saratoga & North Creek Railway:  The S&NC operates through the beautiful Adirondack Mountains along the Hudson River using historic rare diesel locomotives like Electro-Motive's BL2 model.  They use, enclosed streamlined equipment, including dome cars for maximum panoramic views.  They do not offer dedicated fall foliage tours but do run daily throughout the season providing a wide range of options from dinner trains to available cafe cars on-board.

North Carolina Fall Foliage Train Rides

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad:  Perhaps the preeminent place in North Carolina to ride trains not only during the fall season but throughout the year the GSMR, based in Bryson City, operates through the gorgeous Great Smoky Mountains in the western part of the state.  The railroad's official fall foliage train is the Pumpkin Patch Express geared more towards the kids.  However, their trains, offering a wide range of different packages and options, operate through the height of the fall season.

Tweetsie Railroad:  Also located in western mountains of the Tarheel State at Blowing Rock this railroad is popular for its use of steam locomotives.  It operates just a few miles of track and does not host dedicated fall foliage specials but its location and schedule that runs through autumn provides for spectacularly scenic views during that time.

North Dakota Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Western Maryland 2-10-0 #1117 steams through a picture perfect fall setting near Frostburg, Maryland on October 15, 1952. Photographer unknown.

Ohio Fall Foliage Train Rides

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad:  Ohio's, and one of our country's most popular excursions, seeing thousands of visitors annually, this railroad operates a former Baltimore & Ohio branch through the Cuyahoga National Park outside of Cleveland.  They operate special train rides throughout the year.  While no fall foliage specials are offered they do host excursions throughout the autumn season allowing visitors the chance to see the vibrant colors of northern Ohio and the park.

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway:  The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is located in Nelsonville, Ohio and operates over a former Chesapeake & Ohio branch to Athens. The HVSR does not operate luxury dinner trains or host steam locomotives but they feature a very nice operation through Ohio's countryside.   They host a 2-hour Fall Foliage Train which departs the Nelsonville depot throughout October

Lorain & West Virginia Railway:  The L&WV is based in Elyria and hosts a 12-mile round-trip (six miles each way) fall excursion (the Fall Color Tour) during Saturdays and Sundays in October.

Oklahoma Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Oregon Fall Foliage Train Rides

Mount Hood Railroad:  The Mt. Hood Railroad is based in its namesake town operating between there and Parkdale.  While an operating short line it also offers excursion train rides.  Its standard ride is known as the Parkdale Excursion Train and hosts trips during the peak of fall foliage season.  The railroad now also offers the Fall Harvest Special during select dates in October. From their website:  "Fall in Oregon brings the rich colorful tones that showcase the variety of trees in our area contrasted against the green pines and rugged mountain peaks. To compliment Mother Nature’s stunning seasonal show we added a range of autumn activities to our most popular ride to Parkdale that includes two photo stops, harvest gift, samples of area Harvest Brews, and an on-board Guest Speaker."

Eagle Cap Excursion Train:  The Eagle Cap Excursion Train, based in Elgin, Oregon operates its trains in northeast Oregon using RDCs (or Rail Diesel Cars) for their excursions which follow the Grande Ronde River.  One day each September they host Fall Foliage specials.   To learn more please stop by their website.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad:  This tourist railroad is based in the beautiful Tillamook Bay area and uses a small fleet of steam locomotives to power its trains.  During weekends in October they offer Fall Splendor excursions that depart from Wheeler with round-trips lasting two hours.

Sumpter Valley Railroad:  Based in Sumpter this Oregon excursion line also operates only steam locomotives, a rare geared Heisler and a 2-8-2 "Mikado."  Their regular season runs from May through September although they host specials in October and for the holiday season.  This includes a special fall foliage run in mid-October as well as a Photographers' Weekend hosted that month.

Pennsylvania Fall Foliage Train Rides

Colebrookdale Railroad:  A relatively new tourist railroad, the Colebrookdale Railroad, also known as the Secret Valley Line, began service in 2014 and operates 8.6 miles between Boyertown and Pottstown. They currently offer their Autumn Splendor - Hayride On Rails and Bonfire Train during the fall season. For more information please visit their website. 

Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway:  This excursion is operated on and owned by freight line Reading & Northern.  It is based in Jim Thorpe and sometimes feature a restored 4-6-2 "Pacific" steam locomotive.  Their operating season runs through October which offers the public a chance to experience the fall color splendor of eastern Pennsylvania.

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad:  The OC&T, based in Titusville, operates on about 14 miles of track normally using a traditional diesel locomotive for power. Along with their standard excursions the railroad also hosts murder mystery dinner trains throughout the year including Fall Foliage Tours each October.

Strasburg Railroad:  Our country's second most popular tourist railroad seeing hundreds of thousands annually.  The railroad is based in Strasburg and their restored, period equipment and steam locomotives pull a wide range of different excursions and special trains throughout the year.  While a dedicated fall foliage ride is not offered you can choose from several different excursions to enjoy during the autumn season.

Tioga Central Railroad:  Another popular tourist train in the Keystone State they operate on trackage once owned by the New York Central railroad. Today, excursion trains operate on a section of line, which travels through the beautiful rolling hills of north-central Pennsylvania, owned by the Wellsboro & Corning Railroad, a freight line.  They do not offer fall foliage excursions but their season does run through October during the peak of autumn.

Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern:  The WK&S is based in Kempton, in eastern Pennsylvania, operating a unique blend of steam and diesel locomotives. Along with their standard excursions the WK&S also offers chartered trips.  Every fall the railroad offers their Fall Foliage Excursion during one weekend in October.  To learn more please visit their website.

West Chester Railroad:  Operating out of West Chester not far from Philadelphia on tracks once owned by the mighty Pennsylvania Railroad this tourist line hosts the Fall Foliage Express from late September through early October.

Rhode Island Fall Foliage Train Rides

Newport Dinner Train:  One of the state's only excursion trains the Newport Dinner Train hosted by the Newport & Narragansett Bay Railroad and based in Newport, runs several different trips throughout the year on their 18-mile line via enclosed, "streamlined" cars.  They host Autumn Bistro Trains during October that includes a "...three-hour journey that will take you north along the island to the Mt. Hope Bridge. While on board you’ll be treated to a special seasonal lunch created by our Executive Chef."  To learn more please visit their website.

South Carolina Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

South Dakota Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

Tennessee Fall Foliage Train Rides

Tennessee Central Railway Museum:  The state's largest railroad museum is based in Nashville and focuses on preserving its history with trains.  Aside from the static displays the TCRM also offers many different excursions throughout the year in enclosed, climate-controlled cars.  During October they offer the very long Super Fall Foliage Excursion, a 216 miles, round-trip experience.

Three Rivers Rambler:  This popular excursion hosts a 90 minute round-trip along the Tennessee River based in Knoxville.  They operate year-round and do not offer a seasonal fall special but do run trains during the height the autumn colors.

Texas Fall Foliage Train Rides

Texas State Railroad:  The Texas State Railroad, based in Rusk and Palestine, Texas, is perhaps the state's most popular tourist train. Using trackage once owned by the Southern Pacific the railroad features two operating steam locomotives and a vintage diesel locomotive (an Alco RS2). Along with their standard excursions the railroad hosts numerous specials throughout the year including the Pumpkin Patch Express during select days throughout October.  

Utah Fall Foliage Train Rides

Heber Valley Railroad: Utah's most popular excursion is the Heber Valley, which has utilized the Rio Grande's 28-mile Provo Canyon Branch (Heber City to Provo) since the 1990s.  During the fall season their regular trains, the Provo Canyon Limited and Deer Creek Express offer fine views of the autumn colors.  They also host events for Halloween.

Vermont Fall Foliage Train Rides

Green Mountain Railroad:  The state's most popular excursions and one of the best known across the country the Green Mountain hosts trips through the beautiful Vermont countryside.  From mid-September through mid-October the railroad hosts popular Fall Foliage trips (including dinner trains) to allow patrons fabulous views of New England's vibrant autumn colors.  They also offer First Class accommodations for these trips.  To learn more please visit their website.

Virginia Fall Foliage Train Rides

Buckingham Branch Railroad: New! Located in Central Virginia, the Buckingham Branch offers several seasonal excursions throughout the year. During the month of October, they host fall foliage trips taking you on a scenic ride through the beautiful countryside. You can choose to sit in a climate controlled car or enjoy the views from an open air car. Either way, you are sure to have a wonderful time on this 3.5 hour excursion through Buckingham County and over the James River.

Washington Fall Foliage Train Rides

Chelatchie Prairie Railroad:   The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, located in Yacolt, operates on former  logging trackage between Chelatchie Prairie and Lucia Falls that was eventually owned by the Northern Pacific.  It pulls its trains using an historic steam locomotive and a few diesels.  During mid-October they offer several events to enjoy the season including the Steam Fall Leaves Special, the Steam Fall Leaves Dinner & Wine Train, and finally a "Harvest Run."

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad:  Perhaps Washington's most popular excursion, thanks to their fleet of steam locomotives, this railroad uses former segments of the Milwaukee Road and is based out of Elbe.  During October they host the Peanuts™ The Great Pumpkin Patch Express allowing visitors to enjoy the area's gorgeous fall colors while the kids can meet the Snoopy gang and pick out a pumpkin for Halloween.

West Virginia Fall Foliage Train Rides

Cass Scenic Railroad:  The best way to experience the fall grandeur in the Mountain State and the Appalachian Mountains is on a train.  The Cass Scenic hosts rail excursions using restored geared steam locomotives via open-air cars with trains departing from the small town at Cass where they travel to the top of Bald Knob (if one wishes to ride that far).  Their seasonal schedule  normally runs through the end of October.

New River Train Excursions:  An annual tradition since 1966, this excursion has been hosted each fall by the Collis P. Huntington Historical Society since that time taking travelers through the Mountain State's stunning New River Gorge.  For many years, steam locomotives pulled this train but today CSX does not allow them and Amtrak diesels now do the honors.  To learn more about this event please visit the society's website.

Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad:  Located in the state's Eastern Panhandle on a branch line originally owned by the Baltimore & Ohio the Potomac Eagle Scenic meanders along the South Branch Potomac River with surprisingly incredible scenery for an area known for being in the flatter region of the state. The tourist line is best known for its regular sightings of Bald Eagles and hosts trips throughout October to experience the fall colors.

West Virginia Central Railroad: Based in Elkins and not far away from the Cass Scenic Railroad the WVC operates along the Greenbrier and Tygart Rivers offering a wide range of excursions in climate controlled cars.  They do not host a dedicated fall foliage train but stay open throughout the fall season allowing visitors to see the region's spectacular beauty and fall colors.  The same company also operates the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley just down the road in Durbin, which uses a restored Climax geared steam locomotive via open-air cars along a short stretch of the C&O's old Greenbrier Branch.

Baltimore & Ohio "Big Six" 2-10-2 #6112 works helper service over Sand Patch near Manila, Pennsylvania on October 21, 1954. Photographer unknown.

Wisconsin Fall Foliage Train Rides

Lumberjack Steam Train:  The Lumberjack Steam Train is located in Laona and operated by the Camp 5 Museum.  They operate a restored 2-6-2 "Prairie" steam locomotive and board from the restored Soo Line depot in Laona.  During late September and into October they host Saturday Fall Festivals where along with a train ride the entire family can enjoy the "...Green Treasure Forest Tour, pumpkin patch, face painting, a marshmallow roast, and fresh apple cider."

Mid-Continent Railway Museum:  This museum is based in North Freedom and looks to preserve the region and state's railroad history. In doing so it also operates an excursion train for a 50-minute round-trip.  During October one of their specials includes Autumn Color Weekends, which is hosted just before they close for the season.

Wyoming Fall Foliage Train Rides

No events known.

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