Resources/Works Cited

Last revised: May 11, 2024

As much as I have enjoyed studying railroad history the information presented here would have never been possible without a great deal of help from many friends and numerous resources.

First and foremost I must thank the late John G. King for not only his friendship but also his unwavering willingness to provide me with many materials (sometimes offering stuff I would not even ask for!).

Mr. King carried an incredible amount of knowledge during the industry's classic era, knew the Baltimore & Ohio's story in incredible detail, and during his life had amassed a stunning collection of archival material (books, slides, videos, documents, etc.).

For being allowed access to just a tiny fraction of it, I am forever thankful.

I must also give a big thanks to many railfan friends whom I have come to know, in some capacity, over the years; folks like Wade Massie, Drew Jacksich, Marty Bernard, Danny Robie, Warren Calloway, Ron Flanary, Doug Kroll, Tom Granville, Jon Wright, and others.  

These individuals have graciously provided access to parts of their photographic collections.  Because of this I am incredibly grateful for their help.

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