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Apr 20, 2014

The Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad

The Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad was a small shortline located in Pennsylvania that started by hauling lumber and later, coal. It shutdown in late 1992.

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Apr 18, 2014

The St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad

The St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County was once known by a different name that traced its roots back to the 1860s. For many years it was owned by the B&M and finally abandoned in the 1990s.

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Apr 17, 2014

The Durham & Southern Railway

The Durham & Southern Railway was a classic shortline located in North Carolina which dated to 1892. It operated for more than 80 years before being acquired by the Seaboard Coast Line.

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Apr 17, 2014

The Chesapeake Western Railway

The Chesapeake Western Railway was a small system located in the heart of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. It began in 1895 and was purchased by the N&W in 1954.

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Apr 17, 2014

The Jersey City/Communipaw Terminal

The Jersey City, or Communipaw Terminal was the Jersey Central's most impressive station located directly on the waterfront across from Manhattan.

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Apr 17, 2014

The Streamliners At Spencer Event

The "Streamliners At Spencer" event is being held in May-June, 2014 at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer showcasing twenty-two historic, streamlined diesel and steam locomotives.

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Apr 12, 2014

The Shenandoah

The B&O's Shenandoah was its secondary run between New York and Chicago. This train was inaugurated in the 1930s and survived until Amtrak was created in May of 1971.

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Apr 11, 2014

The Diner

The diner was a later development in passenger train service not arriving until the late 19th century. Find out how the car was developed, its uses during the Golden Age through today.

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Apr 11, 2014

Fall Foliage Excursions

As the leaves begin to turn fall foliage train rides have become a popular way to see the vibrant colors. Find out where you can find these excursions here.

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Apr 11, 2014

The Ma & Pa Railroad

The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad affectionately remembered as the Ma & Pa served Baltimore and points north. In the 1980s it became the York Railway.

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Apr 11, 2014

Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad

The Mount Rainier Scenic is one of Washington's most popular tourist railroads offering guests trains pulled by both steam and diesels with views of Mt. Rainier in the distance.

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Apr 11, 2014

Light Rail Transit

Featured here are many of the largest light rail transit systems operating around the country from Maryland to California.

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Apr 09, 2014

The Sleeper

The sleeper, or bedroom cars, added a new level of comfort to rail travel for passengers when they were first introduced by the Pullman Palace Car Company in the 1860s.

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Apr 07, 2014

Wisconsin Railroad Jobs

Any hope of landing Wisconsin railroad jobs rests almost entirely with BNSF, CP, CN, or UP as few other lines serve the state. Here you can find their career pages and research positions.

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Apr 07, 2014

West Virginia Railroad Jobs

Potential West Virginia railroad jobs are almost exclusive to either CSX or Norfolk Southern as the other lines located there are far too small to hire many employees.

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Apr 07, 2014

Washington Railroad Jobs

Here you can learn more about Washington railroad jobs, Class Is UP and BNSF which do business there, and the other smaller lines serving the state. Also, use a job search tool to discover openings.

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Apr 07, 2014

Virginia Railroad Jobs

If you are looking for a career in the industry, potential Virginia railroad jobs can be found with either Class Is NS and CSX or nearly one of a dozen shortlines located there.

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Apr 07, 2014

Vermont Railroad Jobs

Its striking that so many railroads operate in such a small state. You can locate potential Vermont railroad jobs amongst the nine lines serving the state by visiting this page.

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Apr 07, 2014

Utah Railroad Jobs

Research Utah railroad jobs here and what companies still serve the state. Find out how to reach these line as well as use a search tool.

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Apr 07, 2014

Texas Railroad Jobs

Rail operations are still big in the Lone Star State and if you are looking for Texas railroad jobs every line's contact information can be located here as well as a job search tool.

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Apr 07, 2014

Tennessee Railroad Jobs

Due to Memphis to the west and Appalachians to the east, Tennessee railroad jobs still offer potential in landing a position.

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Apr 07, 2014

South Dakota Railroad Jobs

South Dakota railroad jobs will likely not be easy to find because the state has never been overly important to the industry. Still, you can locate contact information here for those which are there.

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Apr 07, 2014

South Carolina Railroad Jobs

The potential of finding South Carolina railroad jobs rests with the east's two largest railroads and about a dozen smaller lines.

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Apr 06, 2014

Pennsylvania Railroad Jobs

The Keystone State remains an important place of business for railroads even today. Here you can learn more about potential Pennsylvania railroad jobs and how to contact those companies.

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Apr 06, 2014

Oregon Railroad Jobs

The possibility of finding Oregon railroad jobs currently lies with two Class Is and several smaller lines. Find out which, here, and how to reach them.

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Apr 06, 2014

Oklahoma Railroad Jobs

Depending on what career you may be interested in you can research Oklahoma railroad jobs here and how to contact the companies that currently operate in the state.

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Apr 06, 2014

Ohio Railroad Jobs

Trying to even find Ohio railroad jobs can be a difficult task. Here you can find a list of all railroads which serve the Buckeye State as well as how to contact them.

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Apr 06, 2014

North Dakota Railroad Jobs

Because of the state's remote nature North Dakota railroad jobs are very difficult to find. However, you can learn about the companies that serve the state including contact information.

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Apr 06, 2014

North Carolina Railroad Jobs

You can search for North Carolina railroad jobs directly here via an available tool as well as find contact information for the companies that do business in the state.

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Apr 06, 2014

New York Railroad Jobs

Hoping to find New York railroad jobs? The state offers a good chance at such a career with many lines located there. Learn more about all of them here including transit agencies.

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