A Guide To Dinner Trains, 2016

Dinner trains are a relatively new type of tourist train experience, as they hearken back to the days when one could enjoy first class cuisine when traveling by train. Today's dinner trains, while not offering nearly as long of a trip (usually a few hours), feature excellent meals that usually accompany a show or play on board the train (or sometimes you can simply enjoy your food while watching the scenery pass by). A few tourist line also offer wine or beer tasting aboard their trains. This section covers these dinner trains (broken down by state), as well as regular tourist railroads, which feature a dinner and/or meal.  Please note that only those excursions that offer these upscale accommodations are included here, not every known tourist line operating around the country. 

The dinner train concept has caught on in recent years as an added experience to excursion trains.  It has certainly witnessed an increase in ridership on some operations while others such as the Napa Valley Wine Train and My Old Kentucky Dinner Train tailor their services almost (or entirely) exclusively to offering meals with the experience of traveling by rail.  Such fine dining is virtually non-existent via intercity rail travel today unless one can afford a pricey charter trip or owns a private, personal railcar (this is actually very possible but also very expensive!).  In any event, please visit the links below to learn more about each state's current dinner train services (if available).

Additional Tourist Train Information, Trips By State

Alabama, Riding The Rails Through The Heart Of Dixie

Alaska, Experience The Breathtaking Scenery Of The Last Frontier

Arizona, Reach The Grand Canyon By Train

Arkansas, Ride The Arkansas & Missouri And Other Excursions

California, Home To A Wide Range Of Steam And Diesel-Powered Excursions

Colorado, Go Back In Time On The Fabled Narrow-Gauge Cumbres & Toltec Scenic And Durango & Silverton

Connecticut, Home Of The Essex Steam Train

Florida, Home To Dinner Trains And Steam-Powered Trips

Georgia, Enjoy A Wide Range Of Train Rides In The Peach State

Hawaii, Keeping Alive The State's Narrow-Gauge Railroad History

Illinois, Home To One Of The Country's Largest, The Illinois Railway Museum

Indiana, Experience The French Lick Scenic Railway And Other Trips

Iowa, Ride The Popular Boone & Scenic Valley Railway

Kansas, Showcasing A Few Trips By Rail

Kentucky, Home Of The "My Old Kentucky Dinner Train"

Maine, Riding The State's Fabled Narrow-Gauge Railroads

Maryland, Enjoy The Steam-Powered Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Massachusetts, Featuring Several Popular Excursion Trains

Michigan, Home Of The Popular Huckleberry Railroad And "The Polar Express" Steam Locomotive, Pere Marquette #1225

Minnesota, Preserving The State's Rich Rail History

Missouri, Home Of The Popular Branson Scenic Railway

Nebraska, Ride The State's Only Excursion, The Fremont & Elkhorn Valley

Nevada, Experience The Legendary Virginia & Truckee

New Hampshire, Enjoy The State's Gorgeous Scenery By Rail

New Jersey, Preserving Its Railroad History

New Mexico, Ride The Fabled Narro-Gauge Cumbres & Toltec Scenic

New York, Offering Numerous Excursions To Enjoy The State's Scenic Beauty

North Carolina, Home Of The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad And Other Trips

Ohio, Enjoy The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad And Other Rides

Oklahoma, Where You Can Enjoy A Few Trips By Rail

Oregon, Excursions On The Popular Mt. Hood Scenic Railroad And Others

Pennsylvania, Home Of The World-Famous Strasburg Railroad

South Carolina, Trips At The South Carolina Railroad Museum

Tennessee, Enjoy Train Rides Through The Appalachians

Texas, Home Of The Steam-Powered Texas State Railroad

Washington, Experience The State's Beauty By Rail

West Virginia, Through The Mountain State's Breathtaking Backcountry

Wisconsin, Enjoy The Ever-Popular Wisconsin Great Northern

Alaska Dinner Train Rides

Alaska Railroad:  Alaska does not feature any true dinner trains. However, the Alaska Railroad, which hosts regularly scheduled passenger service does offer dining services aboard their trains. The ARR offers some of the most spectacular scenery by rail that can be found anywhere in the United States. A trip aboard the railroad, in general, is well worth it if you have the opportunity to do so.

Alabama Dinner Train Rides

Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum:  The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum has been telling the Alabama's railroad history since 1963 and today offers a wide range of exhibits to see. The museum also offers excursion train rides including their Ozan Vineyard Train for adults, which includes a picnic lunch after tasting.

Arizona Dinner Train Rides

Grand Canyon Railway: Does not offer dining service but does feature snacks and appetizers aboard their train.  This very upscale train provides one the best rail experiences found anywhere in the country.  You will disembark at the historic El Tovar Hotel (built by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway) along the Canyon's South Rim where dining services and complete accommodations are available.

Sierra Madre Express:  The Sierra Madre Express is a unique, private rail tour that operates between Tuscon, crosses the Mexican border, passes through the country's breathtaking Copper Canyon, and operates as far as Creel/Divisadero.  This is a fully staffed train with complete on-board services similar to those found during the "Golden Age" of rail travel, which includes complete dining amenities.

Verde Canyon Railroad: The Verde Canyon offers appetizers and alcoholic drinks in their first-class accommodations.  They also provide several vacation packages for the surround Sedona area.  For complete information about riding another of the fine tourist trains throughout the country please visit their website.

Arkansas Dinner Train Rides

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway: Offers dinner service aboard their dining car known as the Eurekan, with wine and champagne available.  They provide dinner and lunch services in the car, which is offered from May through October.  For complete information and menus please visit the railroad's website.

California Dinner Train Rides

California Western Railroad: Typically the famous steam-powered "Skunk Train" does not feature dining services. However, during the summer months they offer riders a barbecue along the way at Northspur known as the Sunset BBQ Excursion which is powered by their restored motor car.  In addition, the railroad hosts two other trains, which do provide on-board dining; the Sacramento RiverTrain and Sierra DinnerTrain.

Fillmore & Western Railway: The Fillmore & Western features dinner and live entertainment in the way of a murder mystery train with lunch and dinner schedules available.  They also offer events tailored around dining such as Dinner With Santa, a New Year's Eve party, and Margarita Madness.

Napa Valley Wine Train: Perhaps the best dinner train experience you can enjoy, country-wide is the Napa Valley Wine Train.  They host a wide range of dinner options (including wine) aboard their train which operates through the beautiful Napa Valley region. 

Rail Journeys West: Less of a true dinner train, Rail Journeys West offers private rail car services if you plan to travel by train (i.e., such as via Amtrak). This service truly hearkens back to the "Golden Age" of rail travel with full meals provided as well as entertainment.

Roaring Camp Railroad: The Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad operates the "Moonlight Dinner Train Party" during select dates that features food, a train ride, and live entertainment. 

Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway:  The Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay is a newer excursion line offering incredible scenery along California's beautiful Monterey Bay running over former Southern Pacific trackage.  Their upscale accommodations also include full-course meals and luxurious interior settings.

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad: During select times throughout the operating season the railroad operates specials known as the Moonlight Train Ride & BBQ, which feature dinner at the station, a train ride, and live entertainment.

Colorado Dinner Train Rides

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad:  The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic is another famous narrow-gauge tourist railroad in southwest Colorado and northwest New Mexico running the former lines of the Rio Grande in this region, complete with the original steam locomotives from that railroad (the identical Durango & Silverton operates former D&RGW trackage nearby).  One of the popular C&TS specials is the Sunset Dinner Train where a complete meal is served at the railroad's pavilion near the historic Cumbres Depot.  Here, live entertainment is also provided and patrons then board the train.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad: One of the most famous excursion trains country-wide offering spectacular views of southern Colorado the Durango & Silverton and offers special events throughout the operating season.  All season the railroad offers rides in various classes ranging from Presidential to Standard.  The First and Presidential Classes provide passengers with beverages and/or snacks during the trip.

Georgetown Loop Railroad:  The narrow-gauge Georgetown Loop Railroad is a short, but very popular and scenic tourist railroad located in Georgetown, Colorado and operated by the Colorado Historical Society as the Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park. It offers special dining trips during the year including the Wine & Cheese Train and Beer & Brat Train hosted within the railroad's restored parlor cars.

Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad: Offers special train rides throughout the season that include both barbecues (the Devils Tail BBQ Special) and served boxed lunches (the Wild Flower Special and Rail & Raft Package Special).

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad: Offers connecting service to the Durango & Silverton this tourist railroad also features food service in their dome car via their Diamond and First Class services aboard the train.  To learn more about this upscale excursion train please visit the railroad's website.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad: Another of Colorado's fine tourist trains, the Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers several different meal services aboard their trains from lunch trains to dinner and murder mystery trains.  There are also specials hosted throughout the year.  To learn more about planning a trip through Colorado's stunning Royal Gorge please visit their website.

Connecticut Dinner Train Rides

Essex Steam Train: This popular excursion train offers a full service dinner train throughout the operating season in addition to several specials involving some type of dining available.  Their menu is available online while you can learn much more at their website about scheduling, times, and dates.

Delaware Dinner Train Rides

Wilmington & Western Railroad: The Wilmington & Western offers several different types of train trips, including a number of dinner trains such as the Mother's Day Buffet Dinner Train, Ride-To-Dine Dinner Train, and murder mystery specials that provide desserts and beverages.

Florida Dinner Train Rides

Orlando Star Clipper Dinner Train:  This train used to be operated in Michigan but with a new owner (Rail Entertainment USA) it has been moved to the warmer climate of Florida (Eustis). Running throughout much of the year this train features a wide range of dining options available, including additional perks such as theme trains, murder mystery specials, and charters.

Seminole Gulf Railway: The Seminole Gulf Railway is actually a freight railroad which hosts a very popular Murder Mystery Dinner Train that is well known for the on board meals they serve.  Throughout the year the railroad hosts a number of different "mysteries" as well as special events for the holidays.  To learn more about this popular attraction please visit their website.

Georgia Dinner Train Rides

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway:  Perhaps the most popular tourist railroad in Georgia is the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.  The railroad is located in the northern mountainous regions of Georgia and operates over 13 miles.   It does not offer full dining services on-board but its "Premier Class" accommodations provide for an enjoyable trip.  According to the railroad; "you will experience individualized service in a coach featuring comfortable, reclining seats. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are served during the trip and passengers will receive a special gift from the BRSR."

SAM Shortline Excursion Train:  The SAM Shortline, located in Cordele, Georgia is a beautiful operation that features nearly a 70-mile round trip.  There are no dinner trains provided by the railroad but they do offer Premier and VIP Seating classes which provide for snacks and beverages during your trip.

Hawaii Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Idaho Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Illinois Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Indiana Dinner Train Rides

Whitewater Valley Railroad:  What would certainly be considered one of Indiana's more popular excursion train rides the Whitewater Valley Railroad based Connersville, like the former Carthage, Knightstown & Shirley Railroad operates on former Big Four Railroad trackage.  The tourist railroad does not feature on-board meals but does offer its Twilight Limited Train to Dinner where it takes riders to the nearby Laurel Hotel for dinner, and then returns.   They also host their "Wild West Train To Dinner" during the summer and early fall.  To learn more please visit their website.

Iowa Dinner Train Rides

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad: The Boone & Scenic Valley offers three different dinner-style trips aboard their trains including a dinner train, dessert train, and picnic train provided within their restored dining car.  To learn more about their menu and pricing with these special trips please visit the railroad's website for complete information.

Kansas Dinner Train Rides

Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad: This 13-mile excursion train features a dinner train during select times of the year operating over former Rock Island trackage.  The railroad states advance purchase is necessary to book this particular trip, offered on select dates from May through October (on rare occasion, a steam locomotive will pull this train).  To learn more please visit their website.

Midland Railway:  The all-volunteer Midland Railway, based in the eastern Kansas town of Baldwin City is a fairly popular tourist railroad which operates June through October. They have an impressive collection of equipment and operate a railroad that stretches about 20-miles at farthest reach south, to Ottawa.  One of their popular trips is the Kansas Belle Dinner Train which utilizes four restored dining cars.  The railroad's website notes: "Our three-hour Saturday night evening runs are more formal and romantic, while the Sunday afternoon dinner run is a more casual outing best suited for families with a slightly shorter run time. You may want to enhance your dinner train experience with an optional murder mystery, WWII USO show, or a melodrama."

Kentucky Dinner Train Rides

Big South Fork Scenic Railway: This tourist train does not necessarily feature first-class dining, although it does offer a "Coal Miner's Lunch" for an additional ticket fee along their 16-mile round trip through the Daniel Boone National Forest and Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area.  In addition, the "Whistle Stop at Big South Fork Depot" in Stearns offers lunch and dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday while lunch is served on Sunday.

My Old Kentucky Dinner Train: Operated by the RJ Corman Railroad Group, a corporation which owns a number of shortlines, this train is based in is based in Bardstown and operates two to three days a week from during the summer season and at least once a week all year long. The train has become well-known for the on board meals served.

Kentucky Railway Museum: The Kentucky Railway Museum operates excursion trains on its property including a dinner train once a month during the operating season.  The museum notes that casual dress is preferred while reservations are required.  They also host mystery special during select dates which include a meal with the show.

Louisiana Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Maine Dinner Train Rides

Maine Narrow-Gauge Railroad & Museum:  The Maine Narrow-Gauge Railroad & Museum operates a two-foot narrow-gauge railroad using restored steam locomotives. The railroad operates a number of special events such as the Wine Wise – Cork & Rail Limited.  While not a true dinner train experience, this wine tasting event also includes food pairings.

Maryland Dinner Train Rides

Walkersville Southern Railroad: The Walkersville Southern offers several special trains throughout the year that serve either refreshments or full-service meals on board their available dining car (they also offer dinner trains and murder mystery specials).  These trips usually sell out in advance so please book your trip early if interested!

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad: The WMSR has become one of the most popular tourist trains in the country operating between Cumberland and Frostburg. They feature many different trains throughout the season including murder mystery specials (that include full-service meals) provided in either a first class or lounge setting.  To learn more please visit the railroad's website. 

Massachusetts Dinner Train Rides

Cape Cod Central Railroad: The deluxe Cape Cod Central Railroad offers a handful of different trains which include some type of on board meal.  These trips include the Cape Cod Dinner Train, Colonial Lunch Train, Yankee Clipper Brunch Train, and Thanksgiving Dinner Train. In addition they host a wine tasting train and the Rails & Ales Oktoberfest.  For information regarding scheduling and pricing please visit their website.

Michigan Dinner Train Rides

Adrian & Blissfield Railroad: The Adrian & Blissfield Railroad, which also provides freight service over its rails, operates the Old Road Dinner Train and features both a standard dinner and train ride as well as a murder mystery special.  To learn more about riding their trains please visit the railroad's website.

Coopersville & Marne Railway:  The Coopersville & Marne Railway, based in Coopersville, Michigan offers a wide variety of train rides to choose.  They do not offer dinner trains or food service aboard their trains but do provide pizza train charters (30 or more individuals) for those interested.  To learn more please visit their website.

Minnesota Dinner Train Rides

North Shore Scenic RailroadOperated by the Lake Superior Railroad Museum the North Shore Scenic offers a host of trips with served on-board from their Elegant Dinner Train to murder mystery specials.  In addition they host the Wine Tasting Train, BBQ TrainFather's Day BBQ Lunch, and the Mother's Day Luncheon Limited.

Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway: Operated by the Minnesota Transportation Museum this tourist train features available Brunch Trains, Pizza Trains, and Dinner Trains during the operating season between May and October.  To learn more about these trips, and others, please visit the museum's website.

Mississippi Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Missouri Dinner Train Rides

Belton, Grandview & Kansas City Railroad: The Belton, Grandview and Kansas City Railroad does not feature full service meals aboard their trains. However, they do offer "Ice Cream Specials" a few times during the summer season where visitors can enjoy a bowl of ice cream during their trip.

Branson Scenic Railway: The popular Branson Scenic Railway features a 40-mile round trip on their excursion train and offers a dinner train, hosted during the weekends, during the operating season between April and October.  To learn more about these trips please visit the railroad's website.

St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway:  The St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern offers a ten-mile excursion through the rolling, open countryside of southeastern Missouri. They offer several specials throughout the year including some type of on-board food or dining; Chocolate ExpressMurder Mystery Dinner Train, and the Chuck Wagon Dinner at Iron Mountain Junction.

Montana Dinner Train Rides

Charlie Russell Chew ChooA sometimes forgotten dinner train operation is the Charlie Russell Chew Choo based in Lewistown along the only former Milwaukee Road trackage still intact in the west-central region of the state. The train covers 28 miles and operates nearly every weekend during the summer season.  To learn more please visit their website.

Nebraska Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Nevada Dinner Train Rides

Nevada Northern Railway: Operated by the Nevada State Railroad Museum at Carson City this tourist train offers the Taste of Italy dinner train.  According to the railroad this event offers the following: "Your coaches will be pulled by one of our century-old steam locomotives for a trip on the Nevada Northern Railway mainline.   It will be our pleasure to serve you a classic, multi-course Italian meal, complete with flowing wine, and dessert."  To learn more please visit their website.

New Hampshire Dinner Train Rides

Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train: The Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train based in Woodstock features only dinner trains, which operates four days a week including weekends.  For information regarding reservations, pricing, and menus please visit their website.

Conway Scenic Railroad: The Conway Scenic Railroad is one of the more popular tourist trains in the country which features first-class dining services on some of their trains as you enjoy your journey through beautiful New England in the Mt. Washington Valley.  They have two restored dining cars available; the Chocorua on the Valley Trains and the Hattie Evans as part of the Notch Train’s First Class Package.  To learn more please visit the railroad's website.

Hobo Railroad: Despite its name the Hobo Railroad offers excellent tourist train rides, which include specials and Fall Foliage Dinner Trains, hosted to coincide with the spectacular colors of autumn in New England.  To learn more about the Hobo's trips and events please visit their website.

New Jersey Dinner Train Rides

Black River & Western Railroad:  The Black River & Western, based in Ringoes, New Jersey operates from the town's restored depot.   They do not offer a dedicated dinner train or any type of food service aboard their trips.  However, there is a Winery Train hosted where patrons are taken to a vineyard located in nearby Finesville, New Jersey to sample their wines.

New Mexico Dinner Train Rides

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad:   Please visit the Colorado section above to learn more about the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic's available dinner trains.

New York Dinner Train Rides

Adirondack Scenic RailroadWhile the Adirondack Scenic does not offer on board meals a number of their special trains operated throughout the year does include the addition of their cafe car, which also includes some alcoholic beverages.  To learn more about all of their trips, which depart from various locations, please visit the railroad's website.

Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad:  The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad operated by the Leatherstocking Railway Historical Society uses tracks originally built a railroad known as the Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley.  They operate three specials which include food and/or beverages; the Brooks BBQ Dinner Trains, Beer & Wine Tasting Train, and Ice Cream Social Train.

Saratoga & North Creek Railway:  Formerly known as the Upper Hudson River Railroad until 2010, the new Saratoga & North Creek (an Iowa Pacific subsidiary) is based in North Creek and operates through the beautiful Adirondack Mountains along the Hudson River.  This service has grown in popularity in recent years and hosts several special events throughout the season, including dining within their restored dome car.  To learn more please visit the railroad's website.

North Carolina Dinner Train Rides

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad: The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad offers several different trains which include full course meals offered within a variety of classes (Crown Class, Coach Class, or Open Air Gondola) along its route following the beautiful Smoky Mountains in western North Carolina.  To learn more about their menu, pricing, and scheduling, please visit the railroad's website.

New Hope Valley Railway:  The New Hope Valley Railway based in New Hill, North Carolina operates on trackage originally built by the New Hope Valley Railroad, later part of the Seaboard Air Line system.  The organization does not host a dedicated dinner train but they do run specials involving food and/or beverages.  These specials include the Brew ‘n’ Choo (this event also has its own specials during the year); Diesel, Steam & Ice Cream; and the Beer, BBQ & Choo Choo.

North Dakota Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Ohio Dinner Train Rides

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad: The popular Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad does not feature a dinner train or on board meals.  One of their regular events during the operating season is the "Breakfast and Lunch Along the Cuyahoga."  In addition, the organization offers a wine tasting train which includes refreshments.   Finally, they host "Ales on Rails" and other events tailored around alcoholic beverages for adults.  Please visit their website to learn more about special events and trips.

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway:  The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is located in Nelsonville, Ohio and operates over a former Chesapeake & Ohio branch to Athens. The HVSR now offers one of the only places in Ohio were one can ride behind a historic steam locomotive.  There is no dinner train operated here but the railroad does host a special New Year's Eve Train which offers and "Pizza & Pop" and "Wine & Cheese" section on-board. 

Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad:  The Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad based in Lebanon, Ohio operates on trackage once owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Throughout the operating season they host murder mystery specials, which includes a buffet at the historic Golden Lamb in Lebanon.

Oklahoma Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Oregon Dinner Train Rides

Mount Hood Railroad: The Mount Hood Railroad offers full course meals on many of its trains throughout the operating season.  They offer different classes of service (Standard, First, and Diamond) in addition to many special events throughout the year.  To learn more about their trips please visit the railroad's website.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad:  The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is based in Tillamook and has operated on the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad since 2002 using a historic Climax geared steam locomotive for power. They regularly offer dinner trains during the operating season, a three-hour trip.  To learn more about scheduling and pricing please visit their website.

Pennsylvania Dinner Train Rides

Colebrookdale Railroad :  A relatively new tourist railroad, the Colebrookdale Railroad, also known as the Secret Valley Line, began service in 2014 and operates 8.6 miles between Boyertown and Pottstown. They host several specials with food and beverages involved including the Winter Starlight ExpressValentine's Day Train, Dinner Show/Wine TastingMother’s Day Tea Train, and Father's Day Special.

Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad: Also an operating freight railroad the M&H runs excursion trains during the warmer months of the year. It operates the Murder Mystery Dinner Train during select dates and also hosts Sundae Caboose Rides from May through August.

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad: The New Hope & Ivyland Railroad, one of the more well known tourist lines in the country, offers a wide range of trips involving on-board dining and full course meals both as special events and part of their regular excursion trips.  To learn more about the railroad's offerings please visit their website.

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad:  The Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad, based in Titusville, operates on about 14 miles of track normally using a traditional diesel locomotive for power.   During the latter half of their operating season they host Murder Mystery Dinners on-board while enjoying a train ride.  To learn more please visit their website.

Strasburg Railroad: The second-most popular tourist railroad in the country the Strasburg Railroad offers full course meals and other refreshments, including available wine and alcohol aboard their lavishly restored 19th century equipment.  To learn more about their many services and special events please visit Strasburg's website.

Tioga Central Railroad:  The Tioga Central is one of Pennsylvania's most popular tourist trains operating on trackage which once belonged to the New York Central railroad.  One of their popular specials is the Sunset Dinner Train hosted throughout the operating season.  To learn more about this trip please visit the railroad's website.

Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad: The WK&S is based in Kempton, in eastern Pennsylvania, operating a unique blend of steam and diesel locomotives. They do not operate a dinner train but they do host Wine & Cheese special.  To learn more please visit their website.

West Chester Railroad: The West Chester Railroads does not offer an available dinner train. However, during most weekends in the summer they host a special picnic train known as the Summer Picnic Special offered from June through September.   

Rhode Island Dinner Train Rides

Newport Dinner Train: The Newport Dinner Train is one of New England's more popular such venues. Its trademark, of course, is operating full service meals aboard its trains but also offers other trains such as luncheons and murder mysteries.   To learn much more about all of their trips and on-board amenities please visit their website.

South Carolina Dinner Train Rides

South Carolina Railroad Museum:  The South Carolina Railroad Museum, based in Columbia, predominantly looks to preserve the state's railroad heritage and has a wide collection of equipment on its grounds.  They also host excursion trains between during the warmer months.  Their regular trips include First Class accommodations available that offer beverages and a light snack while private charters for large groups also have the option of food service.  Finally, one of their special events is the BBQ Dinner Trains hosted on select dates.

South Dakota Dinner Train Rides

Black Hills Central Railroad: While the upscale Black Hills Central Railroad's 1880 Train does not feature meals aboard their trips they do offer wine tasting excursion in the fall each year (Wine Express).   Other trips which offer beverages or some type of food service include the Mother's Day Express, Rails & Ales, and the popular Oktoberfest

Tennessee Dinner Train Rides

Southern Appalachia Railway Museum:  This museum, located in Oak Ridge, attempts to preserve the history of rail operations in the Southern Appalachia region.  The group also sponsors the Secret City Scenic Excursion, which offers complete, full-course dining services offered during select trips throughout the year.  They also host special events which include meals during the excursion.  To learn more about scheduling and pricing please visit their website.

Tennessee Central Railway Museum:  The Tennessee Central Railway Museum based in Nashville is focused primarily on preserving the state's railroad history.  The organization hosts very long-running excursion trains throughout the year offering trips that travel as far as 180 miles (round-trip).  They do not offer dinner trains but the museum does host wine trains where patrons can ride out to the DelMonaco Winery while enjoying wine tasting and touring the grounds.  There is also live music and lunch available.

Texas Dinner Train Rides

Austin Steam Train Association:  The Austin Steam Train is based in Austin, Texas operating through the state's "Hill Country" uses tracks once owned by the Southern Pacific.  The organization maintains an impressive fleet of restored passenger equipment available for on-board dining service.  To learn more about their trips and excursions please visit their website.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad: Operated between Grapevine and the Fort Worth Stockyards this excursion train does not feature dinner trains but does offer wine tasting throughout the year.  Please visit their website for more information.

Texas State Railroad: The popular Texas State Railroad, now a division of Iowa Pacific (which operates many upscale tourist trains throughout the country) does not offer full course meals but does offer brunch trains.  You can learn more about these at their website.

Utah Dinner Train Rides

Herber Valley Railroad:  Utah's most popular excursion is the Heber Valley, which has utilized the Rio Grande's 28-mile Provo Canyon Branch (Heber City to Provo) since the 1990s.  The railroad hosts one special event that includes dinner, the "Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner and Train."  They also offer the option of boxed lunches at an addition cost on-board their regular excursions.

Vermont Dinner Train Rides

Green Mountain Railroad: Operating on former Rutland Railroad trackage the Green Mountain Railroad is one of the country's more popular tourist railroads. During the course of the year it offers a select number of full course dinner trains such as the Fall Foliage Dinner Train

Virginia Dinner Train Rides

None known.

Washington Dinner Train Rides

Chehalis Centralia Railroad: Also a museum this tourist railroad, based in Chehalis, features murder mystery dinner trains during select dates throughout the year (these trips usually sell out!).  They also host the Ruth Dinner Trains and brunch trains for special occasions.  You can learn more about their services at the railroad's website.

Chelatchie Prairie Railroad:  The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad, located in Yacolt, operates on former logging trackage between Chelatchie Prairie and Lucia Falls that was eventually owned by the Northern Pacific. The railroad normally operates between May and October with specials running through December, which include dinner.  To learn more about these events please visit their website.

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad: Based in Elbe the Mount Rainier Scenic operates on former Milwaukee Road trackage.  The railroad now offers first class services which include light snacks and beverages.  They also host a wine train which includes wine tasting, refreshments, and live entertainment.

West Virginia Dinner Train Rides

Cass Scenic RailroadOperating on former logging lines in the heart of the state's Appalachian region Cass Scenic Railroad, now a division of the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley, always operates trains with a fleet of geared steam locomotives, usually Shays.  Some of their excursions provide lunch service and to learn more please visit the railroad's website.

Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad: Operating on former Baltimore & Ohio railroad trackage in the eastern region of the state the Potomac Eagle Scenic operates a restored club car with dining service available on its trains.

West Virginia Central Railroad: Also an operating freight railroad the WVC, another division of the D&GV, features several different train rides to choose from including its climate-controlled New Tygart Flyer, which has the option of buffet service.  They also host the popular Mountain Explorer Dinner Train.  To learn more about West Virginia's most luxurious tourist line please visit their website.

Wisconsin Dinner Train Rides

Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway:  To learn more about the Osceola & St. Croix Valley's dinner train services please visit the Minnesota section of this page.

East Troy Railroad: The East Troy Electric Railroad, based in East Troy is actually a trolley/interurban operation. However, it also operates a popular dinner train during the operating season.  In addition, the organization hosts special dinner trains throughout the year and even pizza trains.

Mid-Continent Railway: Also a museum, based in North Freedom this tourist railroad features full course dinners aboard its train in February, May, and October.  There are numerous specials hosted throughout the year which include on-board food service.  To learn more about all of the railroad's offerings please visit their website.

Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad: Based in Spooner, Wisconsin this tourist railroad offers many different meals aboard a select number of its trains from full course dinners to brunches, buffets, and BBQs.  They also host a Pizza Train for the Christmas season.  To learn more about their trips please visit their website.

Wyoming Dinner Train Rides

None known.

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