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Ohio Railroad Stations: Past & Present (List)

Last revised: March 17, 2024

By: Adam Burns

The information presented here offers information regarding extant (surviving) railroad stations in Ohio.  It also offers readers pertinent data on further research of the subject.  For instance, the table below includes only those structures which still stand (preserved, restored, derelict, etc.). 

If you are after investigating a station long-since razed, or which may have once existed, it is this author's suggestion to contact the nearest historical society as they may have that information. 

While many towns, both large and small, retained their stations at least into the 1950's this was not always the case.  For small hamlets, narrow-gauge railroads, and even interurbans, the depots serving these communities were demolished as far back as the early 20th century. 

In rare cases they were removed during the 1800's, making research efforts difficult.  In addition, I may be of some assistance on the matter if all other options have been exhausted. 

One initial tool is to utilize the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) Historical Topographic Map Explorer, the link to which can be found at right.  It may help determining if a station even existed at a particular location.

Sandusky, Dayton & Cincinnati Railroad's brick depot, constructed in 1862 is seen here in Tiffin, Ohio on July 30, 2009. The SD&C later became part of the New York Central. Dan Robie photo.

Ohio was an incredibly important state to railroads; one of the nation's first opened in 1839, the Mad River & Lake Erie (a future component of the New York Central), and key cities were located there offering substantial business for the industry; Columbus, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Toledo, and Dayton. 

Items produced in the Buckeye State included everything from glass, tires, and steel to general manufacturing, locomotives (Lima), and interurban equipment (Jewett). 

The southeastern counties were also home to many coal mines while iron ore was offloaded at the Lake Erie ports of Sandusy, Lorain, Ashtabula, and Cleveland for steel mills in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and elsewhere.

Finally, all four eastern trunk lines passed through Ohio (Erie/Erie Lackawanna, Baltimore & Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York Central) on their way to Chicago. 

The Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore Railroad's wooden depot in Athens, Ohio, constructed in 1889, is seen here on July 27, 2009. The CW&B later became part of the Baltimore & Ohio and part of its St. Louis main line. Dan Robie photo.

This surviving list of railroad stations is updated and accurate to the best of this author's knowledge.  If you may know of updates, corrections, additions, or other depots that still stand please let me know and those will be included accordingly. 

The list presented here breaks down where each facility is located, date built (if known), its current condition, and GPS coordinates to its exact location.  If you are not familiar with GPS, simply plug the numbers into Google and the location should appear on Google Maps

If you know of a railroad station or depot in your area that is not preserved or in danger of being demolished please take action to see if it can be saved.

These buildings are beautiful works of architecture and it has been proven time and again that preserved historic railroad stations (whether still in use as a train station or not) increase the value and attractiveness of an area for both visitors and businesses (particularly if it is located in a downtown area). Not only that, but you will be saving an important piece of history!

Please never trespass when researching these structures!  All property is privately owned.

Lastly, the list here is incomplete and will be finished as time allows.



Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
AlledoniaOhio River & Western (N/G)Abandoned1880C39.899184, -80.969514GoodPrivate Residence
Algonquin Mill (Carrollton)Lake Erie, Alliance & Wheeling RR (NYC)-1902P40.512691, -81.110965RestoredOriginally located in Watheys. Now situated at Algonquin Mill and on display each year for the Algonquin Mill Festival.
AmeliaCincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth (Interurban)Abandoned1878P39.031749,-84.2236RestoredMuseum
AmeliaCincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth (Interurban)Abandoned1878F39.031059, -84.223278PrivateDerelict
AnsoniaUnion Depot (CCC&StL + Cincinnati Northern [NYC])Active (CSX)c. 1881P40.211884,-84.640651VacantAppears to be on CSX property and unused.
Armstrong MillsOhio River & Western (N/G)Abandoned-P39.906832, -80.935480DerelictThe OR&W arrived here in 1879. Alexander Armstrong owned this building, then a dry goods store, and donated the land for the railroad's construction. He requested the structure be used as the town's depot.
Armstrong MillsOhio River & Western (N/G)Abandoned1879F39.906847, -80.935611DerelictThe OR&W built the freight depot to be used in conjunction with Mr. Alexander's store, which doubled as the passenger depot.
AthensCincinnati, Washington & Baltimore (B&O)Abandoned1889P39.328879, -82.106223RestoredApartments


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
BarnesvilleB&OAbandoned1917P39.988675, -81.173155Restored (NHRP)Civic/Museum
Bay VillageNickel Plate RoadActive (NS)1882C41.488553, -81.937156RestoredBusiness/Attraction. Moved several hundred feet north of right-of-way.
BedfordAkron, Bedford & Cleveland RR/Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co. (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1895P41.390939, -81.534540Good/BusinessLa'Darielle's House Of Beauty
BellaireCentral Ohio Railroad (B&O)Abandoned-P40.012874, -80.742720DerelictThe Central Ohio (CO) opened between Columbus and Bellaire in 1853. It is believed this three-story depot was completed around that time. The B&O leased the CO on November 21, 1866. It also built its own, similar three-story depot just yards away to reach its massive viaduct completed over the Ohio River in June, 1871.
BereaCCC&StL (NYC)Active (CSX)1876P41.380979, -81.854511BusinessBerea Depot, Bar & Restaurant
Berlin HeightsCleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Ry (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1902P41.325426, -82.492459GoodVacant Storefront
Berlin HeightsNickel Plate RoadActive (NS)c. 1881P41.352638, -82.493794PrivateMoved slightly away from the tracks. Home to the local American Legion, Post 659.
BethelFelicity & Bethel Railroad/Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1906P39.922026,-83.805859ResidenceCompleted as the Felicity & Bethel in 1906 and subsequently became a part of the CG&P.
BlanchesterBaltimore & Ohio Southwestern (B&O)Active (Indiana & Ohio)c. 1880'sF39.291281, -83.990466PoorVacant
BlufftonWestern Ohio Ry (Interurban)Abandoned1924C40.893651, -83.891888Apartments-
BlufftonLake Erie & Western (NYC)Abandonedc. 1900P40.899728, -83.890588American Legion, Post 382Moved from original location on Railroad Street.
BratenahlLS&MS (NYC)Active (CSX)-C41.544374, -81.620233Private ResidenceThis depot is beautifully restored and has been moved away from the main line. The structure probably dates to the 1870's or 1880's.
BucyrusToledo & Ohio Central (NYC)Active (NS)1892P40.807886, -82.966838Restored (NRHP)"Bucyrus Station" Visitor's Center & Museum


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
Canaan Township/Warren's StationMarietta & Cincinnati (B&O)Abandonedc. 1857P39.331739, -82.001917Private ResidenceThis home predates its use as a station, which lasted from 1857-1876.
CarrolltonWheeling & Lake ErieActive (W&LE)1914C40.574323, -81.087234BusinessThe Depot Bar & Grille
CastaliaCCC&StL (NYC)--C41.393144, -82.794604Restored/Private ResidenceMoved about two miles from original right-of-way (abandoned).
CastaliaLake Erie & Western (NYC)Abandoned-P41.405297, -82.811646RestoredMoved slightly away from original right-of-way. Home to the local Lions Club.
CastaliaLake Shore Electric Ry (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1907P41.401104, -82.808301GoodPrivate Residence
ChaunceyOhio Central Ry/Toledo & Ohio Central (NYC)Active (Kanawha River Railroad)c. 1882C39.397993, -82.131550Restored (Modern Vinyl Siding)Local Lion's Club
ClevelandCleveland Union TerminalActive1927P41.498263, -81.693864RestoredOriginally served by CCC&St&L (NYC), Nickel Plate, and LS&MS (NYC), and Erie. Today, it is known as Tower City Center and houses multiple businesses, such as a casino, hotel, and shopping mall. It also serves as the hub of RTA's rapid transit lines.
ClevelandCleveland Terminal & Valley (B&O)Abandoned1898P/F41.495462, -81.698613VacantBuilt as a passenger terminal and became a freight depot after passenger service ended in 1934.
ClevelandWheeling & Lake ErieAbandonedc. 1883F41.490821, -81.685990PoorUsed as a business, Quality Ribbons Supply.
CohoonCincinnati, Portsmouth & Virginia (N&W)Active (NS)c. late 1800'sP39.136339, -84.239203Vacant-
ColumbianaYoungstown & Southern Railway (Interurban)Active (Youngstown & Southeastern RR)c. 1904P40.888707, -80.689981Youngstown & Southeastern PropertyThe Y&S was reorganized as the Youngstown & Suburban Railway in 1916 then returned to its original name in 1944.
ConneautLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)1901P41.949756,-80.558683Restored/MuseumConneaut Historical Railroad Museum
ConneautLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)c. 1901F41.950219,-80.558512MuseumConneaut Area Historical Society
CooperdaleCleveland, Akron & Columbus Ry (PRR)Abandonedc. 1880'sC40.219023, -82.064679FairPrivate Residence
CoshoctonPRRActive (Columbus & Ohio River Rail Road)1930P40.272566, -81.863321GoodC&OR Property
CoshoctonPCC&StL (PRR)Active (Columbus & Ohio River Rail Road)-F40.271923, -81.863349GoodC&OR Property
CoventryShaker Heights Rapid Transit (Streetcar)Active (RTA)c. 1920'sP41.483329, -81.584346GoodActive Station


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
DefianceWabash RailwayActive (Napoleon, Defiance & Western)c. 1880'sP41.284797,-84.367632GoodND&W Property
DefianceWabash RailwayActive (Napoleon, Defiance & Western)c. 1880'sF41.278284,-84.377784Good/BusinessDos Amigos Mexican Restaurant
DefianceWabash RailwayActive (Napoleon, Defiance & Western)c. 1880'sP41.264439, -84.440628Good/MuseumOriginally located in Jewell.
DelawareCleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis (NYC)Active (CSX)1887C40.300476, -83.058509Fair/BusinessHome to Robinson's Flower Shop.
DelawareCCC&StL (NYC)Active (CSX)c. 1895F40.300543, -83.057752Restored/BusinessHome to The Food Truck Depot.
DelphosNickel Plate RoadAbandoned1952P40.855241, -84.338741Private-
DelphosFort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima Traction/Ohio Electric (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1905P40.843540, -84.339126BusinessWDOH 107.1 FM Offices


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
East PalestinePittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago (PRR)Active (NS)1905F40.835370, -80.540599VacantNS Property
EnonUnion Station (Erie + CCC&StL/NYC)Active (NS)c. 1880'sC39.889748, -83.935500DerelictVacant


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
Falls JunctionConotton Valley Railway (W&LE)Active (W&LE)1883P41.356733, -81.466982PrivateRestored and owned by the Midwest Railway Preservation Society.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
GalionCCC&StL (NYC)Active (CSX)1900P40.734605, -82.783708Restored (NRHP)Vacant
GenevaLS&MS (NYC)Active (CSX)1886P41.807418, -80.945264Private Residence-
GlousterUnion Station (Ohio Central Ry/Toledo & Ohio Central + Kanawha & Michigan Railroad [NYC])Active (Kanawha River Railroad)c. 1882C39.501603, -82.084137RestoredCivic Building
GreenvilleCincinnati Northern (NYC)Active (RJ Corman)1904C40.098805,-84.638758Good/Business SuiteHome of The Little Showcase Factory, LLC.
Griggs RunLS&MS (NYC)Active (Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson RR)c. 1872P41.785641,-80.748482Private ResidenceHeavily modified; two-story portion was original station. Moved a few feet away from the tracks.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
HamiltonCincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (B&O) Active (CSX)c. 1851, 1887-1892P39.394154, -84.559030Poor/CSX PropertyThe original, one-story section is believed to date to around 1851 when it opened from Cincinnati to Dayton. The two-story addition was completed by 1892.
HamiltonPCC&StL (PRR) Active (NS)c. 1888F39.395880, -84.553327BusinessCohen Brothers, Inc.
HammersvilleCincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth RR (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1886P38.914636,-83.980098PrivateLocated next to original right-of-way, now Wooster Avenue. Originally built as brick kiln, converted into a depot after the CG&P reached the area in 1886.
HookerColumbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo (C&O)Active (Indiana & Ohio)c. 1870'sC39.747953, -82.660592Private ResidenceMoved away from right-of-way.
HuronLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)1876F41.389731, -82.558111)BusinessUsed by Huron Cement.



Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
JacobsburgBellaire & Southwestern/Ohio River & Western (N/G)Abandonedc. 1885C39.968046, -80.907617Private ResidenceThe Bellaire & Southwestern opened 29 miles between Bellaire and Beallsville on October 7, 1879. It became the Ohio River & Western in 1902. The original station, which doubled as a general store, opened at that time. The second structure was completed circa 1885.
JaiteCleveland Terminal & Valley Ry (B&O)Active (Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad)c. 1890'sP41.204133, -82.497275RestoredSituated along the active Cuyahoga Valley Scenic, utilized as a park/museum.
JeffersonLS&MS (NYC)Active (Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson RR)c. 1872P41.739374, -80.761860MuseumJefferson Depot Village
Jeffersonville Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Active (Westco Port Authority Railroad) Unknown F 39.654757, -83.560717 Fair Preserved but not restored.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
KempErieActive (CSX)c. 1890'sC40.724301, -84.223416Small ApartmentsMoved slightly away from tracks.
KimballB&O/Nickel Plate Road-1889F41.322883, -82.699068Private/FarmMoved about a half-mile north from original location where the B&O and Nickel Plate lines crossed. The former is abandoned while the latter is still operated by NS.
KingsvilleNickel Plate RoadActive (NS)c. 1881P41.896723, -80.682452BusinessMoved slightly away from tracks, now home to the King Supply Company.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
LancasterColumbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo (C&O)-1905C39.724946, -82.600046PreservedOriginally located in Carroll (track here is still active under the Indiana & Ohio), moved to the Fairgrounds Park in Lancaster about 9.5 miles away.
LancasterColumbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo (C&O)Active (Indiana & Ohio)c. 1880'sF39.709516, -82.599746PreservedUtilized by the Fraternal Order of Police.
LeonLS&MS (NYC)Abandoned1872P41.654157, -80.610772PrivateLocated about 400 feet from original right-of-way along Leon Road. Originally listed in the LS&MS timetable as "Barber's-Leon."
LimaFort Wayne, Van Wert & Lima Traction/Ohio Electric (Interurban)Abandoned1908P40.740394, -84.102527MunicipalAllen County Department Of Health
LimaPittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago (PRR)Active (Chicago, Ft. Wayne & Eastern)1887P40.744814, -84.102103MunicipalCity of Lima Utilities, Customer Service
Lindenwald (Hamilton)Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (B&O) Active (CSX)-P39.373207, -84.551765Private ResidenceLindenwald was once a small community located south of Hamilton. The small depot was moved from its original location. Its construction date is unknown but may have been built soon after the railroad opened in the early 1850's.
LisbonErieAbandoned1905C40.771255, -80.766912RestoredMoved from original location along South Beaver Street. Now home to the Lisbon Historical Society.
LisbonPittsburgh, Lisbon & WesternAbandoned1893P40.770069, -80.767744RestoredMuseum
LockvilleColumbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo (C&O)Active (Indiana & Ohio)1905C39.832583, -82.744619Private/DerelictVacant/unused.
LovelandB&OActive (Indiana & Ohio)1907P39.267466, -84.258329BusinessJackRabbit (Running Store)


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
MiddletownCCC&StL (NYC)Active (NS)1909C39.513914, -84.392186Restored/BusinessWhistle Stop Shop (Gift Shop)
Midland CityBaltimore & Ohio Southwestern (B&O)Active (Indiana & Ohio)1885C39.304205, -83.908929DerelictVacant/Abandoned
MilanB&O/Nickel Plate Road-c. 1882F41.325187, -82.593472Restored/CivicOriginally located in Monroeville (the B&O line here is abandoned while the W&LE corridor is still active under its original name), moved about 9 miles away. Currently used as "The Coupling, MetroPark."
MilfordCincinnati & Columbus Traction Co. (Interurban)Abandoned1906P39.172800, -84.295706Private Residence-
Milledgeville Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (Baltimore & Ohio) Abandoned Unknown C 39.594884,-83.587503 Private Residence Restored and privately owned as a home. Moved away a few blocks from original right-of-way.
MinervaWheeling & Lake ErieAbandoned1917P40.725875, -81.104764Preserved/OrganizationThe Salvation Army offices. The depot sits just off an abandoned spur from the W&LE main line, which is still active.
Mt. OrabN&WActive (NS)1884C39.029415,-83.916938Restored (NRHP)Civic use.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
NankinCleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Ry (Interurban)Abandonedc. 1901C40.918639, -82.281924Derelict/Abandoned-
Nelsonville*Replica*Active (Hocking Valley Scenic Ry)1982P39.458561, -82.233727MuseumThis depot is used by the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. It was built by Ted Goodman and based from the Hocking Valley Railway's (Chesapeake & Ohio) depot located in Rising Sun, Ohio.
New HampshireIndiana, Columbus & Eastern Traction/Ohio Electric Ry (Interurban) Abandonedc. 1906-1910P41.533953, -80.642943BusinessW.H. Wildman's Spices
New SalemColumbus & Eastern (NYC)Abandonedc. 1884P39.859043, -82.481570PrivateLocated about 1 mile northwest of New Salem along two county roads, Canal Road and Elevator Road. The depot is still in its original location, used privately by a local farm for storage.
New WestonCincinnati Northern (NYC)Active (RJ Corman)1904C40.323343, -84.637232Good/Business SuiteHome of The Little Showcase Factory, LLC.
NorthfieldCleveland Terminal & Valley (B&O)-c. 1884F41.292241, -81.547908Private/BarnOriginally located in Brecksville (tracks here are still active as the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad).
NorwalkPittsburgh, Akron & Western (Akron, Canton & Youngstown)-1890C41.204133, -82.497275RestoredPrivately Owned. Originally located in New Washington along the AC&Y (now abandoned).


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
OaklandMiddletown & Cincinnati/Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern (PRR)Active (Indiana & Ohio)c. 1892C39.462943, -84.349138Restored/BusinessFarmers Insurance Office. Moved slightly away from tracks.
Olmsted FallsB&O-c. 1895C41.374324, -81.902659Restored/BusinessHome to 'Renee's Unique Boutique & More.' Originally located in Middleburg Heights (the former B&O line here is still active under CSX.)
Olmsted FallsLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)1876C41.375039, -81.905949Restored/MuseumHome of the Cuyahoga Valley & West Shore Railroad Club & Museum.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
Parrott Ohio Southern Railroad (Detroit, Toledo & Ironton) Active (Westco Port Authority Railroad) Unknown C 39.61445332747938, -83.53119394911175 Preserved Used as a private residence.
PeerlessToledo & Ohio Central (NYC)Abandoned1881C40.349302, -82.761455Fair/PrivateMoved slightly away from original right-of-way. Used as a barn.
PickeringtonToledo & Ohio Central (NYC)Active (NS)1880C39.885076, -82.753399Restored-



Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
Rocky RiverNickel Plate RoadActive (NS)1882P41.483838, -81.834668Good/NS PropertyThis depot is well-maintained, used by NS's communication and signal department.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
St. ClairsvilleSt. Clairesville & Northern/Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling (B&O)Abandoned1882C40.077646, -80.897193Derelict/VacantSituated at the very end of the B&O's short St. Clairsville Branch where a small yard was located.
St. ClairsvilleWheeling & Lake ErieAbandoned-F40.082289, -80.909301Derelict/VacantBuilt after Nickel Plate Road's December 1, 1949 acquisition.
SanduskyLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)1892P41.440694, -82.718676Restored/Amtrak Stop (NRHP)This station has been beautifully restored; an active Amtrak stop and used by the Sandusky Transit System.
SanduskyNYCActive (NS)-F41.439738, -82.712282NS PropertyIn good condition, used as a railroad office.
SaybrookNickel Plate RoadActive (NS)c. 1881P41.823843, -80.869166BusinessMoved slightly away from tracks, part of the Saybrook Feed And Garden Center.
SolonNew York, Pennsylvania & Ohio RR (Erie)Abandoned1882P41.390029, -81.443805Restored/BusinessBeautifully restored; home to the Solon Train Station business complex.
SomervilleEaton & Hamilton/PCC&StL (PRR)Active (NS)-C39.562449, -84.643509Private Farm/VacantThe E&H was completed by the summer of 1853 although this structure appears to be a more modern PRR design.
South CharlestonOhio Southern (DT&I)Active (Indiana & Ohio)c. 1880P39.821504, -83.637554RestoredPreserved to its original condition. Now home to a local museum.
SpencervilleErieActive (RJ Corman)1883C40.714351, -84.348432Vacant/Restored-
SpringfieldCCC&StL (NYC)Active (NS)1910F39.922026,-83.805859BusinessUsed as a warehouse; the yard this freight depot served is gone but only a few yards away the main line remains active.
SpringfieldOhio Southern (DT&I)-1893C39.97571,-83.845704Restored/PrivateOriginally located in Jackson Center.
SullivanB&OActive (CSX)c. 1891/1892P-ResidenceMoved about 1 mile north of Sullivan; believed to be located at the corner of SR 58 and County Road 150.
SunburyCleveland, Akron & Columbus (PRR)Abandonedc. 1880'sC40.238862, -82.859693GoodOwned by the Preservation Parks of Delaware County.



Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
Union CityPCC&StL (PRR)Active (CSX)1893P40.197814,-84.810365RestoredBeautifully restored and utilized as an art gallery operated by the Art Association Of Randolph County.
UniopolisOhio Southern (DT&I)Abandoned1893P40.738175, -84.088969RestoredMoved from original location; now Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit.
UrbanaErieActive (Indiana & Ohio)1872F40.112200, -83.755521Poor/VacantThe former Erie yard here is gone but the main line remains active.
UrbanaNYCActive (Indiana & Ohio)1926F40.108231, -83.758625RestoredBusiness; moved slightly away from right-of-way.
UrbanaPCC&StL (PRR)Active (Indiana & Ohio)1893P40.108805, -83.760239Restored/BusinessThe Depot, Coffee House


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
VermilionLS&MSActive (NS)1879C41.420923, -82.363318Private/RestoredPart of the St. Mary's Church complex.
VermilionNickel Plate RoadActive (NS)1882P41.416618, -82.364577PrivateMoved slightly away from tracks. Appears to be used for storage.
VersaillesCCC&StL (NYC)Active (CSX)c. 1893P40.224562, -84.488217PoorHas been moved away from the tracks; owned by the Versailles Feed Mill.
VersaillesToledo, Delphos & Burlington (Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton [B&O])Abandoned1881P40.227750, -84.487285Good/BusinessMoved several blocks from original location.


Location Railroad Rail Line Status Date Built Type GPS Condition/Use Notes
WapakonetaCincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (B&O)Active (CSX)1917P40.571238, -84.191266PreservedCSX Property
WapakonetaToledo & Ohio Central (NYC)Abandoned1898F40.560547, -84.210019PreservedLocated on the Auglaize County Fairgrounds; originally situated along South Blackhoof Street.
Washington Court House Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Active (Genesee & Wyoming) 1950s F 39.534659,-83.442326 Business Currently used as an office/garage for a car dealership.
Washington Court House Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (Baltimore & Ohio) Active (Genesee & Wyoming) Unknown F 39.533736,-83.438088 Preserved/Business Currently used as a local business.
Washington Court House Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley (Pennsylvania) Abandoned Unknown F 39.534379, -83.438853 Preserved/Business Used as a local business.
Washington Court House Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley (Pennsylvania) Abandoned Unknown P 39.53466845169179, -83.4390129229658 Preserved/Business Used as a local business.
West Middletown (Madison City)Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (B&O)Active (CSX)c. 1851F39.522533, -84.416629Derelict/VacantIn very poor condition. Still located at original site.
West LafayetteB&O-1890C40.284786, -81.705213Business/RestoredHome to Unusual Junction (business/attraction). This depot was originally located in Fredericktown along Mill Street. The line there is now abandoned.
WickLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)1872P41.533953, -80.642943RestoredMoved slightly off right-of-way to the Antique Engine Club Show grounds.
WickLS&MS (NYC)Active (NS)1872F41.533953, -80.642943RestoredMoved slightly off right-of-way to the Antique Engine Club Show grounds.
Woods (Reily Township)Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton (B&O)Active (CSX)1871P39.457625, -84.717182Private Residence-




Explanation Of Initials And Characters

P = Passenger Station

F = Freight Station

C = Combination Station (Freight & Passenger)

N/G = Narrow-Gauge Railroad

NRHP = National Register Of Historic Places


PCC&StL = Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway (PRR subsidiary)

CCC&StL = Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway, The "Big Four" (NYC subsidiary)

LS&MS = Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway (NYC subsidiary)

For more reading about Ohio's railroad stations and depots you should really think about picking up at least one of Mark Camp's books covering the subject, all from Arcadia Publishing's "Images of Rail" series. His four books focus on four sections of Ohio; northwest, northeast, central, and west central. 

Their titles include the following: Railroad Depots of Central OhioRailroad Depots of Northeast OhioRailroad Depots of Northwest Ohio, and Railroad Depots of West Central Ohio

The Arcadia series covers hundreds of historic subjects and always includes an interesting collection of images.  Mr. Camp's books are no different.  Through historic photography the books do an excellent job covering many of the state's stations and depots and are fine resources if you're interested in the subject.

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  2. The Railroad Diamond: Intersection of Steel and Precision

    Jul 23, 24 11:49 PM

    The diamond has remained a fascinating location in railroading where two, or more, lines meet and cross. It has also been notoriously difficult to maintain.

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  3. The "Blue Goose": Santa Fe's Only Streamlined Engine

    Jul 23, 24 11:38 PM

    Santa Fe 4-6-4 #3460 was part of its 3460 Class of 4-6-4s and was the railroad's only streamlined steam locomotive. It was utlimately scrapped in the 1950s.

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