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Monon Timetables (August, 1952)


Published: March 7, 2024

By: Adam Burns

The Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville Railway (CI&L), also known as the Monon Railroad, served the Midwest United States from 1847 until 1971. It was a crucial commercial pathway, starting as the New Albany and Salem Railroad, which was pivotal in Indiana's early economic expansion. In 1897, it was renamed the Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville Railway after a series of mergers and acquisitions.

The CI&L provided crucial passenger and freight services, with key routes extending from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky and branching out to serve areas such as French Lick, Indiana. Its noteworthy Waldorf express train epitomized the line's importance, running between Indiana and Chicago.

The CI&L adopted the name "Monon" as a public brand in 1956. It was known for its operations efficiency and pioneering use of diesel locomotives and paved highways for maintenance.

Experiencing financial challenges, the CI&L merged with the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&N) in 1971.

Despite this, its legacy endures through portions of its former routes adapted for recreational trails. A comprehensive collection of Monon memorabilia is held at the Monon Connection Museum in Monon, Indiana.

Public Timetables (August, 1952)



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