"Day Out With Thomas The Train" Rides: A Complete Guide (2023)

Last revised: April 28, 2023

By: Adam Burns

Thomas The Train, also affectionately known as Thomas the Tank Engine, has been a pop culture icon since the late 1970s with the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

The television series, written and produced by Britt Allcroft, is actually based off the The Railway Series of books written by Englishmen Wilbert Awdry and his son in the 1940s.

Interestingly, the show even drew some interest from adults due to the superb craftsmanship of the models and layouts depicted.  Today, this has largely been replaced by CGI and computer animation.  

Thomas himself is based from a real steam locomotive design, the E2 Class, an 0-6-0T ("T" referred to tank) wheel arrangement conceived by Lawson Billinton of the early 20th century.   Listed below is the 2023 schedule and dates regarding where Thomas The Tank Engine will be appearing.


Please Note!  There are some locations which now also feature Percy.  These are designated below using a small thumbnail image.

The information presented is accurate to the best of my knowledge although if there is an error I do apologize.  If you do not see (Updated) by each listing, those dates are not for the 2023 calendar year.

Sometimes organizations switch operating dates/times and I will try my best to keep up with any changes.  For more information regarding purchasing tickets and where/when Thomas will be running please visit the links above. 









New Jersey

New York

North Carolina






Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum (Calera):  The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum has been telling the Alabama's railroad history since 1963 and today offers a wide range of exhibits to see.

The museum also offers excursion train rides from March through October, featuring both steam and diesel locomotives.  They host "A Day Out With Thomas" on these dates in the spring:  


No Events Known.


No Events Known.


No Events Known.


Essex Steam Train (Essex): The Essex Steam Train has become one of the more popular train rides anywhere in the country offering a variety of special trips from its home base in Essex, including the ability to make riverboat charters.

They host "A Day Out With Thomas" during select dates in the spring, including special appearances by Percy!  Dates:  


No Events Known.


No Events Known.


No Events Known.


Whitewater Valley Railroad (Connersville):   The Whitewater Valley Railroad based Connersville operates a 19-mile line connecting to Metamora and they use one of several diesel locomotives on the property to power their trains.

The railroad also hosts a number of special events throughout the year such as the Polar Express and "A Day Out With Thomas."  Dates: 


Boone & Scenic Valley Railway (Boone):  The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad is a museum and operating tourist railroad using former Chicago & North Western trackage (it was originally an interurban/trolley line).  

Its trains feature both steam and diesel locomotives, as well as restored trolley car #50 (they also have a very extensive collection of non-operating locomotives and cars).  They host "A Day Out With Thomas" the tank engine on these dates: 


No events known.


No events known.


Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum (Baltimore):  The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum today is one of the most recognized, respected and highly regarded railroad museums, not only in this country but also the world.

It houses historic railroad equipment (not only from its namesake railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio but also many important historical pieces from other railroads around the country).

Finally, they also offer short excursions on the premises and host "A Day Out With Thomas" on these dates: 


No events known.


No events known.


No events known.


No events known.


No events known.


Virginia & Truckee Railroad (Virginia City):  The Virginia and Truckee Railway began when it was chartered in 1869 and meant to provide transportation services to the Reno and Carson City areas.  

The railroad ceased to exist as a freight line by 1950 but slowly made a comeback as a tourist line over the years.

Today, about 15 miles of the line are operable although rebuilding of the route is not yet complete along with additional restorations of locomotives and equipment.  

One of the ways they have attracted ridership is by hosting special events, such as "A Day Out With Thomas" which will be featured this year on...

New Mexico

No events known.

North Dakota

No events known.


No events known.


Oklahoma Railway Museum (Oklahoma City):   The Oklahoma Railway Museum offers a wide collection of preserved equipment while also offering excursion trains on a short stretch of trackage.  They host "A Day Out With Thomas" on these dates:  ...


No events known.

Rhode Island

No events known.

South Carolina

No events known.

South Dakota

No events known.


No events known. 


No events known. 


No events known. 

West Virginia

No events known.


National Railroad Museum (Green Bay): Started in 1956, the National Railroad Museum has been recognized by Congress as the "national" such facility in the country, although this is mostly in name only.

The NRM today has a nice collection of rolling stock at their facility in Green Bay and while they do not really offer a true rail excursion they do offer train rides around the property. They host "A Day Out With Thomas" at the start of the summer season running...


No events known. 


Elgin County Railway Museum (St. Thomas, Ontario)

(Updated, 2023) Heritage Park Historical Village (Calgary, Alberta): 

  • May 6 - May 7
  • May 12 - May 14

York-Durham Heritage Railway (Uxbridge, Ontario)

(Updated, 2023) West Coast Railway Heritage Park (Squamish, British Columbia)

  • May 27 - May 28
  • June 3 - June 4
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Wes Barris's SteamLocomotive.com is simply the best web resource on the study of steam locomotives. 

It is difficult to truly articulate just how much material can be found at this website. 

It is quite staggering and a must visit!