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Western Pacific Timetables (August, 1952)


Published: March 1, 2024

By: Adam Burns

Featured below is Western Pacific's brief timetable listing in the August, 1952 edition of The Official Guide Of The Railways.

The Western Pacific was an American Class I that operated from 1903 to 1982. Established by Arthur W. Keddie, it was incorporated on March 3, 1903, and construction began in 1906 with the strong financial backing of George Gould Significantly connecting the West Coast to the Rocky Mountains, it was projected as a direct competition to the Southern Pacific.

The first notable event for the WP was the completion of the Feather River Route in 1909, connecting Oakland, California to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The WP brought about impressive infrastructure, introducing techniques for building through rugged terrains with engineering marvels like the Keddie Wye, William's Loop, and the Clio Trestle.

The WP became known for the California Zephyr, a scenic passenger train service launched in 1949, operating until 1970. The WPR was later absorbed by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1982, signaling the end of the independent venture. Today, the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, California, preserves its rich history.

Public Timetables (August, 1952)



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