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D&H Timetables (January, 1930)


Published: March 1, 2024

By: Adam Burns

The below D&H timetables are from the January, 1930 edition of The Official Guide Of The Railways.

The Delaware and Hudson Railway (D&H), originally incorporated in 1823 as the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company, represents one of the oldest transportation companies in the U.S.

Initially established to develop anthracite coal resources in Pennsylvania, its canal and gravity railroad system spurred economic growth in upstate New York. The company was reorganized into the Delaware & Hudson Company in 1899. Known as "The Bridge Line," it provided a vital link between New England and Midwestern states and Canada.

During the 1960s, the D&H was lauded as a well-managed prosperous carrier. However, the decline in coal and rail freight during the 1980s resulted in its acquisition by Guilford Transportation Industries in 1984. Subsequent financial troubles led to its successive ownership by Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Norfolk Southern Railway.

Endowed with historic significance, the D&H had a vast locomotive roster, including PA-1's and Baldwin "Sharknose" RF-16's. The Baldwin locomotives were a distinctive feature, due to their end-cab design.

Moreover, D&H is remembered for its striking paint scheme: navy-blue, grey, and yellow. Finally, the D&H is known for its iconic “Bridge Line to New England and Canada” logo, emphasizing its critical role in North American trade and transport.

Public Timetables (January, 1930)



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