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Louisiana Short Line Railroads


Published: May 16, 2023

By: Adam Burns

Acadiana Railway Company

(reporting mark, AKDN):  This privately-owned short line began service in late 1990 operating two disconnected lines; it runs nearly 22 miles between Crowley and Eunice with trackage rights on the UP to Opelousas (21 miles). 

It then operates over its own rails again between there and Bunkie.  The road also leases 5 miles of trackage between McCall and Lula to serve local industries.  Its freight consists of agriculture, general freight, and food-based oils.

Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad

(reporting mark, ALM):  The AL&M is another G&W property, operating about 53 miles of track between Crossett, Arkansas and Monroe, Louisiana. 

The route's history dates back to 1906 and was for years owned by lumber interests, lastly by Georgia-Pacific.  In 2004 G&W purchased the AL&M and the railroad currently moves forest-based products as well as chemicals.

Baton Rouge Southern Railroad

(reporting mark, BRS): The Baton Rouge Southern Railroad is a Watco Companies property operating a very small segment of track north of the city, about 1.5 miles.  It began service in 2008 and hauls bauxite, plastic pellets, raw coke, and calcinated coke.

Bogalusa Bayou Railroad

(reporting mark, BBAY):  This short line is another Watco property.  It began service in 2014 and maintains 6 miles of yard trackage to serve the International Paper plant in Bogalusa.  Interchange is provided with Canadian National.

CG Railway

(reporting mark, CGR): The CG Railway, owned by the International Shipholding Corporation, offers terminal/ferry service between New Orleans and central Mexico at the Port of Coatzacoalcos in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.  It has been in service since 2000.

Delta Southern Railroad

(reporting mark, DSRR):  This independently-owned short line has been in service since 1991, operating two disconnected branches in Louisiana including a 14-mile line from Monroe to Sterlington and a 37-mile line from Tallulah to Talla Bena.

Its traffic is highly diversified including grain/agricultural products, cotton, coal, chemicals, forest products, sand, clay, soda ash, and aggregates.

Dutchtown Southern Railroad

(reporting mark, DUSR): Another Watco property, this short line operates about 1.76 miles of track to serve various industries along the Mississippi River waterfront in Geismar, Louisiana.  Interchange is carried out with Canadian National (ex-Illinois Central).

East Camden & Highland Railroad

(reporting mark, EACH):  See Arkansas.

Geaux Geaux Railroad

(reporting mark, GOGR):  This Watco operation, a subsidiary of its Bogalusa Bayou Railroad, maintains 26 miles of track north and west of Baton Rouge, Louisiana via Slaughter and Zachary where it terminates at a Hood Container of Louisiana, a customer located near the Mississippi River.  It interchanges with Canadian National.

Louisiana & Delta Railroad

(reporting mark, LDRR):  This G&W property has been in service since 1987 when it acquired the former Southern Pacific.  Today, it operates from New Orleans to Iowa, Louisiana with several short branches radiating from the main line. 

In total the railroad operates about 72 miles hauling aggregates, brick/cement, chemicals, food/feed products, forest products, scrap.

Louisiana & North West Railroad

(reporting mark, LNW):  This historic line dates back to its founding in 1888.  The L&NW eventually grew to 124 miles between McNeil, Arkansas and Natchitoches, Louisiana but this was later cutback to Gibsland.  These 68 miles are still operated under Patriot Rail today, which acquired the property in 2008.

Louisiana Southern Railroad

(reporting mark, LAS): This railroad is another Watco Companies short line (since 2005) leasing 157 miles of disconnected Kansas City Southern trackage in northern Louisiana between Pineville and Gibsland as well as another segment between Shreveport and Springhill via Sibley. 

New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

(reporting mark, NOPB):  This historic, terminal switching road has been in service since 1908.  It currently interchanges with six of the seven North American Class Is operating roughly 100 miles of track in total (including yards, sidings, spurs, etc.).

New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway

(reporting mark, NOGC): The NO&GC is a Rio Grande Pacific Corporation railroad operating around the New Orleans area. 

It runs between Myrtle Grove and Gretna as well as another section between Algiers and Westwego.  In all this trackage totals about 32 miles.  It also has a 4.5 branch serving Harvey.  The road handles petroleum products, oils, chemicals, food products, grains, and steel products.

Ouachita Railroad

(reporting mark, OUCH):  See Arkansas.

Timber Rock Railroad

(reporting mark, TIBR): The Timber Rock Railroad is another Watco property operating 160 miles of track mostly in east Texas but also reaches Deridder, Louisiana.  It has been in service since 1998 and acquired additional trackage a few years later.  It handles roughly 26,000 carloads annually that is largely forest products.